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Moto X With Bamboo Now Available
It looks like the long wait is finally over, and as expected, the Moto X with Bamboo is finally available. Motorola has released this fun experiment, where in the past, they have worked with the likes of DuPont Kevlar as well as aircraft-grade aluminum in their devices, and this time around, the use of bamboo would represent a totally new territory where the smartphone industry is concerned. Not only that, […]

The Bambory Speakers are a set of speakers made from bamboo
Wood is typically the choice material used when crafting speakers given the inherent acoustic qualities found in wood, but will bamboo be just as good as hard woods? While I have yet to test out a set of bamboo speakers myself, this concept speaker by designer Guo Yang looks extremely appealing from an aesthetic point of view. Dubbed the Bambory Speakers, it features a body made from bamboo, similar to […]

Brando introduces wireless keyboard and mouse made from bamboo
With so much focus and emphasis being placed in renewable energy, going green and eco-friendliness, we don’t see why those sentiments can’t be brought over to some of our most used gadgets – the keyboard and mouse, which is what Brando is offering at their store for $82.

T20 electric scooter has bamboo frame
Bamboo, the world’s fastest growing grass, is also a desirable eco-friendly material that has plenty of use apart from being panda food. The super modern T20 electric scooter that is the brainchild of French firm Fritsch-Durisotti not only turns heads wherever you go with it, it is also a green alternative to other forms of electric vehicles simply because it is greener – as the frame is made out of […]


Wacom unveils revamped Bamboo Connect, Capture and Create
Are you an artist or designer that requires a graphics tablet in order to get your work done? If you are, the brand Wacom is probably one that is very familiar to you, and the good news is that the company has recently remade their line of tablets, which they are claiming will allow you to get the most range possible for touch input.

Go green with your next gadget case purchase
Bamboo is one of the better renewable sources that can be used in a myriad of ways to make sure you keep up with the green theme of things. Case in point (pun not intended), cases for the iPad and iPhone – this particular market sees plenty of plastic and rubber use, but how many cases are made ot of bamboo? Blackbox Case’s new bamboo cases for Apple devices is […]

iBamboo Speaker is a green iPhone speaker dock
As we’ve mentioned countless times on the blog, we’re always keen on covering green products, and the iBamboo Speaker is no exception. Merging technology with nature, this iPhone dock takes the simplicity of nature combined with acoustic technology to bring us an audio amplification device that’s 100% recyclable and safe for the environment.While the iBamboo Speaker dock doesn’t charge your iPhone while it is in use, it does amplify the […]

ASUS updates U43SD bamboo laptop
With the introduction of Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors, it’s a no brainer to assume that laptops will be getting upgrades to the new processors as well, especially popular models like ASUS’s bamboo laptop. The U43SD laptop has been refreshed with brand new processors and some minor updates.The U43SD now packs a larger 14″ screen, the latest Core i3 and Core i5 processors, an NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M graphics card […]

Wacom shows off Bamboo stylus for capacitive touchscreens
Wacom, the one of the leading manufacturer of industry-standard drawing tablets has decided to dip its toes into the tablet market segment with the introduction of styluses that work with capacitive touchscreens. Wacom demonstrated the Bamboo Stylus at the Gadget Show Live last week, and according to reports, it’s pretty impressive.The Bamboo Stylus weighs 20g, which lends it a premium feel that usually isn’t found in most capacitive styluses available […]

Meguru electric car made out of bamboo
We’ve seen notebooks made out of bamboo (its chassis anyways) in the past, but here’s something new – an electric car which uses panda food as its choice material. We’re talking about the Meguru electric car, which looks like a traditional Japanese rickshaw of sorts, where the main body is iron coated with urushi (lacquer), while the flooring is made from real bamboo followed by an opening that comes in […]

Bamboo Comic Pen & Touch
The Bamboo Comic Pen & Touch, also known as the CTH-461/S1, is similar to the Bamboo Fun Small where its body and pen are concerned. However, since the Bamboo Comic Pen & Touch is meant for illustrators as well as those who dabble with comics and manga, you get five dedicated software including Pixia Edition, Illust Studio Mini, Comic Studio Mini and Pencil LITE for the Windows platform, while a […]

Dell includes renewable bamboo in product packaging
Dell takes another step closer to being greener by throwing in renewable bamboo in its product packaging portfolio, being the first in the PC industry to do so. This applies to all Dell Inspiron Mini 10 and Mini 10v netbooks that are shipped from today onwards, where bamboo is used for the product cushions cradling the Mini within an outer box made from 25% post-consumer materials. From early next year […]

Wacom Bamboo series launched
Wacom’s latest Bamboo series was launched worldwide simultaneously, where you will be able to opt for the Bamboo Fun, Bamboo, Bamboo Touch and Bamboo Pen for S$329, S$179, S$129 and S$129, respectively. No prizes for guessing which model is the best of the lot, but you will be well pleased to know that all but the Bamboo Pen will come with multitouch capability, making you feel right at home with […]