Bamboo, the world’s fastest growing grass, is also a desirable eco-friendly material that has plenty of use apart from being panda food. The super modern T20 electric scooter that is the brainchild of French firm Fritsch-Durisotti not only turns heads wherever you go with it, it is also a green alternative to other forms of electric vehicles simply because it is greener – as the frame is made out of bamboo.


Of course, this remains a concept at point of publishing, and it will take far more than just nice things being said about it on news channels and blogs before it will be realized in the actual world. In fact, designer Antoine Fritsch himself has no intention of turning his design into a form of transportation that can roll off actual production lines – which is a real shame, really.

This coming after theoretical statistics of the T20 which is supposed to hit its stride at 22 miles per hour, not to mention carrying enough juice to have it last for around 25 miles. I take it that no one obese was riding the imaginary T20 in order to achieve such mileage – how about you?

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