The country that has the most oil reserves in the world, Saudi Arabia, has just issued a new ruling that would affect all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Tab owners – they are no longer allowed to be brought into the country’s security institutions from this Saturday onwards. This ban was declared due to the security concern that these high-tech telecommunication gadgets can be infiltrated easily via hacking, according to London-based Asharq Al Awsat.

Of course, Saudi Arabia is not the first country to issue the ban, as you might be surprised to know that the US itself as well as a bunch of other countries across the pond have issued such a blanket ban on security organizations where these devices are concerned.

Makes me wonder why only the iPhone and Galaxy Tab were singled out, considering you have so many other mobile devices out there with Internet connectivity, not to mention a built-in camera that can capture images which if hacked, could be an “eye” to the hacker. Do you think that eventually, all countries will take the same route?

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