Battle royale titles have become quite popular over the past few months as evidenced by the strong community that games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite enjoy. It was therefore unsurprising to hear that Battlefield V may get a battle royale mode as well and that has now been officially confirmed by EA. Battlefield V will indeed feature the popular gaming mode.

EA confirmed during its EA Play show at E3 over the weekend that Battlefield V will feature a battle royale mode. It didn’t offer a lot of details about the game mode and how the mode will conduct things but at least it answered a question that was on everyone’s minds.

EA says that the mode in Battlefield 5 has been “reimagined with the core pillars of destruction, team play, and vehicles,” adding that the royale mode in this title will be unlike anything players have experienced before.

That doesn’t really confirm if the developers’ have put their own spin on the battle royale mode for Battlefield 5 or if it’s merely jumping on the bandwagon and will be similar to what players have already experienced with the titles mentioned above.

Battlefield fans will surely be interested in finding this out but they will have to wait until later this year because that’s when EA says it will talk more about this.

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