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BBC Teams Up With Tech Giants To Fight Fake News Before It Spreads
While fake news and misinformation isn’t new, in this day and age of social media, it can spread a lot faster than back in the day. This has created a problem and it looks like the BBC will be working with several tech giants to help fight this problem before it spreads too far and impacts too many people.

BBC Announces Plans To Launch Their Own Digital Assistant
There are many digital assistants in the market today, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, and Microsoft’s Cortana, just to name a few. However, it seems that come 2020, the BBC is expected to toss their hat into the ring with their own digital assistant that apparently has been designed to better understand the various British accents.

BBC Claims Netflix & Amazon Are Squeezing Them Out
Before video streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon became mainstream, it used to be a handful of channels that TV watchers could rely on, with BBC being one of them. However it appears that the company hasn’t done enough to keep up with modern alternatives, so much so that they have expressed their concern about being squeezed out by the competition.

BBC's VR Division Launches With ISS Spacewalk Experience
The BBC wants you to know that it’s serious about producing virtual reality content. The broadcaster has launched a new VR division that will be tasked with producing interesting virtual reality experiences. The division’s first production is a spacewalk experience from the International Space Station. Home — A VR Spacewalk was developed by the BBC in collaboration with digital production studio Rewind.


Britflix Might Be BBC's Netflix Competitor
According to a new report, the BBC is working on a streaming service that will rival the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video while it’s unclear what the service will end up being called it appears that “Britflix” has been selected as the working title for this project. The report reveals that the BBC and ITV are collaborating on this new streaming service following the grant of approval by […]

Ex-Top Gear Trio Confirm Name Of New Amazon Motoring Show
If you’ve ever seen Top Gear then you will certainly know of Jeremy Clarkson and his mates Richard Hammond and James May. The trio used to host the popular motoring show on BBC for quite a long time but have since left the network and ended up at Amazon where they have been creating a new motoring show from the ground up. We didn’t know what it was called until […]

New Top Gear Trailer Confirms Release Month
Top Gear is one of the most popular TV shows, watched by millions around the world, it truly is the best motoring show that has ever hit the airwaves. It went through a big shakeup during the past year following a fracas between lead man Jeremy Clarkson and a producer, which led to Clarkson and his team leaving BBC. The company then brought on an entirely new lineup of hosts and […]

New Top Gear Reportedly Being Courted By Netflix
Millions of people around the world are looking forward to the new Top Gear as the entire presenter lineup has been changed following last year’s events which left Jeremy Clarkson and his mates out of a job at the BBC. The trio is now filming a new car show for Amazon while a report out of the United Kingdom claims that Netflix is trying to come to an agreement to […]

BBC Experimenting With Movies That Adapt To Viewers
The BBC is working on a new research project called Visual Perceptive Media, it’s experimenting with movies that will adapt to the viewer, meaning that elements in the movie like sound and even shots will be different based on who is watching. All of the elements will be different based on the viewer’s preferences, who will initially answer a personality quiz that covers questions about their likes and dislikes as well […]

BBC To Offer Online Streaming In U.S. Starting Next Year
It is slowly becoming a trend for conventional networks to embrace the digital age and start offering over-the-top online streaming of their linear channel. HBO has done this, Showtime has done this and many others are in the process of doing the same thing. The BBC is apparently thinking along the same lines, according to a report it plans of offering an over-the-top internet streaming subscription service to customers in […]

Gamechangers Broadcast To Go Ahead
Earlier this March, the BBC did share their plans with the rest of the world that they will be working on a Grand Theft Auto feature length drama, which obviously drew some ire from Rockstar, the game’s developer, as they subsequently sought to block such a move from happening. Rockstar had since decided to proceed with legal action against the BBC, citing that “our trademarks are not misused”. Such a […]

Rockstar Seeks To Block BBC From Airing Documentary On GTA
Given how popular Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 has proven to be, we’re sure many gamers are wondering what exactly goes on behind the scenes, like how the game was conceived, how it was created, and so on. In fact the BBC was planning on airing a documentary on the development of the game called “Game Changer”, but apparently Rockstar isn’t too thrilled by it.The developers of the game have […]

Pegatron Looks Into BBC’s Report On Mistreatment Of Workers
Pegatron Technology did issue a statement to the Taiwan Stock Exchange that the company has every intention to look into claims that made its way into a BBC report last week, citing how its employees are being mistreated. Apart from that, Pegatron has also mentioned that their top priority happens to be employee safety, and it is currently working to make sure that every single one of its workers are […]

BBC iPlayer Radio Now On Windows Phone Store
Earlier in May, the BBC did roll out a major update to its iPlayer app so that it will now cater for the Windows Phone platform, allowing it to enjoy a new look and improved performance. Of course, there is also something else to look forward to – this marks the first time that support for live television is also thrown into the mix, hence enabling British viewers to check […]

BBC Three To Move Online In Cost Reducing Effort
It seems that BBC Three is all set to be dropped from regular TV programming, but it will still exist – albeit in the form of an online channel. The reason behind this particular move? It is part of the BBC’s cost-cutting measures. What does this move mean for viewers who are hooked to BBC Three and all that it offers? Well, it would translate to shows including Don’t Tell […]

Hacker Tried Selling Access To BBC Server On Christmas Day
A new report reveals how a hacker covertly took over a server at the BBC and tried selling access to it on Christmas. It isn’t known if the hacker was able to find any buyers who might have paid to gain access to BBC’s server, but the British public broadcaster’s security team was able to shut the hacker out and believes that it has secured the server, this according to […]

BBC Set To Suspend 3D Programming
The BBC looks as though they are ready to suspend 3D programming.

BBC iPlayer For Windows Phone 8 Launched
The BBC iPlayer app is available for a variety of platforms, including but not limited to the PlayStation 3, iOS and Xbox 360. A couple of months back it was announced that BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone 8 will be releasing soon. Today, the app has finally been released, its here now and available for download. It is available for free through the Windows Phone Store.The app allows users to keep […]

BBC Olympics app released
If you’re a sports junkie and you want to stay on top of all things related to the Olympic Games this year, BBC has got the app just for you. Called the BBC Olympics app, it features content on the Olympic mobile website that’s easily accessible via a single app on your smartphone/tablet. It will give you details about each of the 36 Olympic sports – the rules or what’s […]

BBC Sport app brings live streaming of sport events to Facebook
BBC Sport has just launched its own app for Facebook users. The app will allow Facebook users to watch live streams of sporting events such as Wimbledon or the Olympics. You can watch the events online with your friends and chat with them online as it happens. Comment threads under the live stream will allow fans to see the community’s reaction what is currently going on in the sport events. […]