The BBC is working on a new research project called Visual Perceptive Media, it’s experimenting with movies that will adapt to the viewer, meaning that elements in the movie like sound and even shots will be different based on who is watching. All of the elements will be different based on the viewer’s preferences, who will initially answer a personality quiz that covers questions about their likes and dislikes as well as their music taste to get a better idea of the viewer.

The app will then put all of that information together and determine which group to fit the user, and only then it will display the precise cut of the movie that’s being played, based on all of that information.

Initially in the demo this experiment can alter the action in a scene, the character that’s in focus and can even determine whether or not that scene has to be shown to the viewer. Color grading and music can also be altered which basically ends up altering the entire feel of a particular scene or the entire movie for that matter.

BBC gives an example of how the technology can decide to focus more on the female or male character, and how the color and sounds of a room can be changed to give it another feel altogether. BBC believes that this will enable production teams to explore “new modes of storytelling for diverse audiences,” but for now this remains an experiment within the company. The BBC doesn’t say when it’s going to start pushing this technology commercially.

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