Check out this unique machine that is capable of filling up plastic beer cups (whoever drinks beer from a plastic cup anyways? Isn’t a true blue mug a whole lot tastier?) by itself – and it does so from underneath. Of course, you might start to wonder whether this is rocket science, a sprinkling of fairy dust, or have you had too much to drink? Nice to know the correct answer is the first, so why not knock back a few more beers in the process of watching the video above? Individual cups used come with a large hole at the bottom which will then be sealed with a flat circular magnet. The machine will pop the magnet up and fill the cup with beer from underneath. Following that, whenever it retracts, the magnet in the cup will seal the hole. This results in a better beer-to-foam ratio (thus giving you more bang for your buck) at a faster delivery rate without much mess. While this system, if adopted, will increase the price of cups by a margin, the whole idea is for companies to buy ads on the magnets in order to offset the cost being transferred over to the drinker. Cheers!

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