vertu-signatureIt goes without saying that if you happen to have a Bentley in your garage, you are pretty much set for life, with a nice and fat bank account, a lovely mansion for a home, as well as other exotic rides that you alternate each day just for variety. How about making sure that you also communicate in style in order to be different from the rest of the business folks there? Vertu has just unveiled their second handset that will target no one else but Bentley owners, where the Vertu Signature for Bentley will miss out on all things that would make it a smartphone. In other words, this is a classic feature phone that borders on the high end side of things.

Inspired by the Bentley Mulsanne Speed, it will be made up of several similar materials, too. The carbon fiber weave on the handset happens to be similar to that of the car, where there will be Beluga Black calf leather stretched out on the back. This is the very same leather that hails from the tannery that offers leather for the Mulsanne, too. Since it is going to be sinfully expensive, why not customize it to match your Bentley? Choose from various leathers, jewels and shades, with a Bentley Flying B logo made out of titanium crowning the device. The entire handset would cost a whopping £14,500, making the Vertu Signature for Bentley a perfect match for your equally expensive ride.

It is all set for a September 2015 release.

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