Usually when we think of photography and videography used for professional photoshoots, we think of DSLRs and expensive video cameras, or sometimes expensive DSLRs that double up as video cameras. This is because high-end devices offer up more control and better quality, at least compared to our smartphones.

However as we have pointed out before, it’s how one uses their equipment that matters as well, and the video above should prove that. In Bentley’s latest ad, Intelligent Details, they got photographers and videographers to shoot the entire ad using iPhone 5s handsets. The videos were shot using the phone before being transferred onto an iPad Air for post-processing.

In fact most of the editing process was done in the back of a Bentley car, going as far as showing off how portable and powerful Apple’s products can be for the working professional. However this isn’t the first time we’ve seen smartphones used in professional settings. Back in 2013 we saw Burberry use the iPhone 5s to film their fashion show.

We’ve also seen devices like the Nokia Lumia 1020 used to help shoot photos used in a fashion magazine. While these devices shoot great photos in their own right, the quality obviously cannot be compared to high-end DSLRs, but it also goes to show that it’s the photographer who’s just as important as the camera, if not more. So, what do you guys think?

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