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Bill And Melinda Gates Won't Be Picking Up An Apple Watch
Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.Bill Gates, the man who co-founded Microsoft, doesn’t spend as much time at the company as he used too. Instead he and his wife Melinda devote their time to charity through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That doesn’t mean there has been some shift in their pro-Microsoft stance. Melinda gates was asked recently whether she or Bill will be picking up an Apple Watch. […]

Microsoft's 'Work Assistant' App Will Help Office Users On Windows Phone
Microsoft is reportedly testing a new app internally called “Work Assistant,” it is believed that co-founder Bill Gates in involved closely with this project. The app is available on the Windows Phone Store but can’t be installed since its marked as a private internal beta. Work Assistant is designed to help users with Office related tasks on Windows Phone.

Bill Gates Agrees With Elon Musk, Expresses Concern About AI
We’re sure there are many of us out there who can’t wait for a future in which artificial intelligence gets to the point where our robots and computers can interact with us like they do in the movies. One the other hand we’re sure some of you might be worried we would end up with a Terminator-like outcome.Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has expressed his concerns and it seems that he’s […]

Machine Turns Human Waste Into Drinking Water, Bill Gates Tries It
Bill Gates’ philanthropic activities is well known to all, and in the past we’ve seen Gates attempt to fund all sorts of projects that would improve the lives of many in third world countries. Recently Gates was part of a project that had the ability to turn human waste into actual drinking water and while the technology itself is amazing, what made it more amazing was Gates’ willingness to drink […]


Bill Gates Offers Praise For Apple Pay
There have been attempts in the past to create mobile payment services. For example we know that Google has Google Wallet, some of the carriers have teamed up with credit card companies to create Softcard (formerly known as Isis), and now Apple has entered the fray with Apple Pay.With so many options available, could there be one system that will prevail over the rest? We guess we will just have […]

Bill Gates Would Support Xbox Unit Spin-Off
Prior to the announcement of Satya Nadella as Microsoft’s new CEO there was a lot of speculation about how Ballmer’s successor would run the company. There were rumors about the Xbox unit being spun-off from the main company but Nadella has reiterated his commitment to Microsoft’s gaming arm. The company’s co-founder and first CEO Bill Gates however says that he would support a spin-off if it were to be proposed by the […]

Bill Gates Is No Longer Microsoft's Largest Shareholder
While Bill Gates might not be as active in Microsoft as he once was, say a decade or so ago, he still managed to hold onto the title of the person with the biggest shareholder in the company. He had started out with a whopping 64% share in the company when he founded it with Paul Allen, but over the years it seems that he has been busy selling his […]

Bill Gates Doesn't Consider Snowden A Hero
Last year a former CIA technical analyst became one of the most popular advocates of online privacy after he leaked a barrage of highly classified documents. Criminal charges await him on his return to the U.S., for leaking documents that exposed U.S. National Security Agency’s wide reaching electronic spying programs. Most people might consider him a hero, but Bill Gates isn’t one of them. The Microsoft co-founder believes that methods […]

Bill Gates Was Reportedly Against Microsoft-Nokia Deal
Much has already been said and written about the $7.17 billion Microsoft-Nokia deal, through which the former absorbs the latter’s devices and services division, but a new report published by Businessweek today offers a glimpse of what happened behind the scenes prior to the deal being announced. It is claimed that Microsoft founder, former CEO and ex-Chairman of the board Bill Gates was staunchly opposed to the idea of this […]

Bill Gates To Remain Involved In Product Development At Microsoft
Microsoft is yet to announce its new CEO, and now its believed that the company won’t just announce Ballmer’s successor. Recent rumors suggest that Ballmer may give up his seat on the board, and that the board is considering replacing chairman Bill Gates, who also happens to be Microsoft’s co-founder and first CEO. While the company hasn’t confirmed anything as yet, Bloomberg reports that even if he’s replaced as chairman, Gates […]

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Gates To Be Replaced As Chairman [Report]
There is no shortage of rumors about the new Microsoft CEO. Last year Steve Ballmer announced that he will step down within twelve months and since then the company has been looking for his replacement. A lot of candidates have been rumored over the past few months, both internal and external. Recent chatter seems to indicate that Satya Nadella, who has been at Microsoft since 1992 and is currently the executive […]

Bill Gates Loses Chess Match To Magnus Carlsen In A Minute
When you have led a company like Microsoft for so many years to great heights, while being the richest dude on earth for so many years, it would surely take far more brains than dumb luck to be in such a unique position. That’s Bill Gates for you, but it also shows that there are different kinds of “smart” – especially when chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen managed to beat Bill […]

Jimmy Fallon Awkwardly Hides MacBook While Interviewing Bill Gates
When you have the undivided attention of one of the richest man in the world, who also happens to be an outstanding philanthropist as well as the co-founder of a company called Microsoft, the last thing you want to do is commit a faux pas. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon did. Gates was on the show to talk about his various philanthropic activities, notably the […]

New Microsoft CEO Might Not Be Announced Until February
Ever since Steve Ballmer announced last year that he will be stepping down as CEO within the next 12 months, there has been a lot of speculation about who is going to become the new Microsoft CEO. It would certainly be a tough job heading a company that has only ever had two CEOs, co-founder Bill Gates and his successor Steve Ballmer. It was initially rumored that Ballmer’s successor will […]