When you have the undivided attention of one of the richest man in the world, who also happens to be an outstanding philanthropist as well as the co-founder of a company called Microsoft, the last thing you want to do is commit a faux pas. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon did. Gates was on the show to talk about his various philanthropic activities, notably the global campaign against polio, the show started off nicely with Fallon even branding Gates as “cool.” Things got a little awkward when Fallon noticed Gates eyeing his laptop, which if you have ever seen the show, has always been a MacBook, with an Apple mouse and keyboard on the side.


“This is very disrespectful,” said Fallon, feigning a look of shame as he quickly closed the MacBook tried removing it from the table along with the Apple mouse and keyboard. Gates only had a sly smile to offer, it not like that this would have made much difference to him any way, one can imagine that he has been around a lot of people who prefer Macs over a Windows PC. On the other hand, its certainly not like Gates never backs Microsoft products, only a few years ago it became public that no Apple products were allowed in the Gates household. Gates probably thought that a late night talk show where the topic of discussion did not entirely revolve around technology, though Fallon did ask him how computing will evolve in the years to come, wasn’t the perfect platform to start off an Apple vs Microsoft debate.

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