There is no shortage of rumors about the new Microsoft CEO. Last year Steve Ballmer announced that he will step down within twelve months and since then the company has been looking for his replacement. A lot of candidates have been rumored over the past few months, both internal and external. Recent chatter seems to indicate that Satya Nadella, who has been at Microsoft since 1992 and is currently the executive vice president of its cloud and enterprise group, is going to be the new Microsoft CEO. Moreover, it has also been rumored that co-founder Bill Gates will be replaced as the chairman.

Previous rumors have claimed that potential CEO candidates were worried about Gates’ influence on the board, and only recently it was said that Gates’ busy schedule was preventing a final decision of the board on Ballmer’s successor. Ballmer presence on the board reportedly troubled candidates as well, he is to retain his seat even after he steps down as CEO, there were concerns that the only two CEOs of Microsoft could effectively influence the new leader due to their powerful positions. Recent rumors claim that Ballmer will give up his seat on the board as well after stepping down and now its being claimed that Gates will be replaced as well. It would certainly have a lot of effect, Gates’ can exert influence due to his position as a former CEO as well as one of the biggest individual shareholders. Microsoft has denied to comment on this report, though word on the street is that later this month the company will finally put an end to these rumors.

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