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Air France To Test Biometric Boarding At Houston And JFK
Air France-KLM will be swapping boarding passes for facial recognition on Air France flights flying out of the John F Kennedy International Airport in New York City and the George Bush International Airport in Houston. This will be done on a trial basis initially as Air France-KLM sets about to bring facial recognition to all gateways in the United States by next year.

Barclays To Deliver Finger Scanner For Online Banking Purposes
Barclays has worked alongside Hitachi in order to develop a biometric reader which will rely on the latter’s Finger Vein Authentication Technology, or Vein ID as it is called, so that one will be able to perform online banking transactions – with a greater degree of security, of course. After all, the use of veins instead of fingerprints are attributed to a greater level of security simply because it is […]

Sensory Releases Combined Vision and Voice Authentication For Mobile Devices
Sensory has been developing speech recognition software solutions for the past 20 years and I had the opportunity to meet CEO Todd Mozer for a demo of TrulySecure, its  new technology that enables biometric authentication for Smartphones, tablets and PCs. Sensory TrulySecure combines voice and face recognition to unlock applications on mobile devices, and it can be used by OEMs to unlock the device itself.Sensory powers voice recognition in a […]

Fingerprint ATMs Are More Secure Now
Ah, the almighty ATM machine is a firm favorite of mine, as it will hold your surplus of cash, and can be “summoned”, as it were, as and when required. It used to be an ATM card with a magnetic stripe at the back that held your personal information, but technology has since seen the ATM machine and mode of withdrawal seen several positive steps made in the name of […]


Intel could make traditional passwords obsolete
With a chain being only as strong as its weakest link, so we are told to come up with long and complex passwords that make it hard for other humans to crack, although a computer armed with the right program could make short work of it. Having said that, Intel might just be venturing into a whole new world of passwords – one that does away with a slew of […]

Iris scanners tricked by hackers
What started off as the realm of science fiction has since been made reality for quite some time already in terms of security – I am talking about iris scanners playing its role as one of the most secure biometric security measures to date. However, it does seem to run into a particularly niggling problem – hackers have managed to trick these iris scanners into believing that whatever it scanned […]

IDair lets you register your fingerprints from afar
Biometric identification is one effective way of implementing a security system in building, especially at offices as well as government installations. They are far more reliable than the standard issue key card, and with IDair’s new biometric recognition system, it is smart enough to identify you from afar through a simple wave of your hand. Clemson-educated physicist Joel Burcham explained, “You don’t have to stop at a station. Nobody checks […]

iWallet keeps your cash and cards secure
Despite the world moving forward to a paperless and completely digital future, cash is here to stay (at least for awhile) and so we are subjected to deal with the hassles of handling paper money. If you thought your regular wallet does a good enough job of protecting your cash, think again. iWallet Corp has just announced the upcoming arrival of the world’s safest wallet. Called the iWallet, this high […]

Dunhill’s biometric wallet protects your money while looking stylish
If you’ve ever been a fan of Dunhill products, you would know that one of their mottos has been “Style, quality, excellence.” Well now they have one more to add to that list: security. Dunhill’s latest wallet, the Biometric wallet is a thing of marvel. Besides looking ruggedly stylish and handsome, this high-tech wallet protects your money using high-tech security – Biometric security. The card features a biometric that detects […]

Concept: Ekey Biometric Security Device
With security increasingly important nowadays, a design has come up with an interesting concept device called the Ekey, which is a small gadget that acts like a personal biometric fingerprint scanner. Instead of having to install fingerprint scanners at all sorts of locations, users who carry the Ekey around will be able to plug it into devices that sport a USB connector, and authenticate themselves via fingerprint recognition.

TungstenW biometric wallet
The TungstenW biometric wallet offers a unique way to make sure that your credit cards as well as cash remain in a much more secure environment compared to being stashed away in a standard issue wallet. You will need a computer before taking this wallet out for a spin though – it needs to hook up to your computer, where you will then program it with a relevant fingerprint. From […]