Biometric identification is one effective way of implementing a security system in building, especially at offices as well as government installations. They are far more reliable than the standard issue key card, and with IDair’s new biometric recognition system, it is smart enough to identify you from afar through a simple wave of your hand. Clemson-educated physicist Joel Burcham explained, “You don’t have to stop at a station. Nobody checks your ID. You just walk through.” Basically, IDair’s machine is able to capture a fingerprint photographically from as far away as 6 meters, where the level of detail is more than capable of matching a database.

Throw in facial and iris-recognition technology, and it would be the foundation for a good biometrics system which is capable of controlling access to any building or room within a building. At this point in time, IDair’s customers are from the military. Commercial use is also part of the future’s consideration, but will it be affordable enough to implement across a wide range of businesses and organizations? It has got to be quite a camera sensor to be able to detect such detail from afar, don’t you think so?

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