TungstenW biometric wallet

The TungstenW biometric wallet offers a unique way to make sure that your credit cards as well as cash remain in a much more secure environment compared to being stashed away in a standard issue wallet. You will need a computer before taking this wallet out for a spin though – it needs to hook up to your computer, where you will then program it with a relevant fingerprint. From henceforth, only a swipe of the right finger will enable you to access it. Apart from that, the TungstenW biometric wallet even comes with Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled handset, setting off an internal alarm whenever you roam 10 feet away from your wallet. Available in black, gold, green, pink and white fiberglass colors, it will retail for $399 while the carbon fiber and Kevlar version is going for$599 a pop.


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