We learned a long time ago people love their technology, with some even going as far as implanting them into their bodies. Earlier this year, we saw a man implant headphones into his ears, and today we’re seeing a man who put a computer inside of his arm.

German Tim Cannon considers himself a “biohacker,” which is why he felt he needed to implant a huge computer chip underneath the skin of his arm. The chip is able to transmit biometric data to his Android devices and is kept safely underneath his skin through its sealed protective case. Charging the device is done wirelessly, which is definitely a good thing seeing how plugging in a microUSB cable to an open wound in ones body probably would be seen as really friggin gross.

If you think all of this is stomach turning, get ready for this next part of the story. Cannon got the help of a “body modification enthusiast” to help get the computer chip into his body, who just so happens to lack any sort of medical degree. Which is probably why Cannon has such gnarly looking stitches at one of the edges of his skin where we could assume the computer was slid into.

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