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BitTorrent’s Sync Users Share More Than 1PB Data Under A Fortnight
BitTorrent announced yesterday that they managed to achieve a rather impressive milestone where its file synchronization tool known as Sync is concerned, where users were said to have synchronized more than 1PB (petabyte) of data. It is said that more than 70TB (terabytes) are synchronized using this particular tool each day. The Sync software was announced in January earlier this year, where it was released as a private alpha.The time […]

The Pirate Bay Moves Top Level Domain To Sint Maarten
Due to pressure from Swedish authorities against the world’s most popular BitTorrent website for using its .se top level domain, The Pirate Bay has now moved its TLD to an island in the Caribbean called Sint Maarten. We’ve chronicled the site’s domain related troubles here, earlier this month Greenland kicked them out after only two days, forcing The Pirate Bay to find refuge in Iceland. A motion has now been filed in […]

US Ambassador Hopes Australians Will Stop Game Of Thrones Piracy
Game of Thrones was crowned as the most illegally downloaded show in 2012. Earlier this month when its Season 3 premiere aired, it was downloaded over a million times in one day, breaking the previous record for the largest BitTorrent swarm ever. The premiere was illegally downloaded the most in Australia. Game of Thrones airs on HBO and the network’s programming president, Micheal Lombardo, doesn’t mind all this piracy. Actually, he […]

The Pirate Bay Finds A New Home In Iceland
A couple of weeks back we reported that The Pirate Bay had been kicked out of Greenland after merely two days. Tele-Post, a telecom company which monitors .GK registrations in Greenland, said that it blocked two Pirate Bay domain names because it fears they will be put to illegal use. The world’s number 1 file sharing website has now found a new home in Iceland, and has switched to the .IS domain. […]


BitTorrent Sync Alpha Unlimited File Sharing For All
BitTorrent Sync (version alpha) is now available for all to use (for free). Prior to this a pre-alpha version was circulating, but the access was limited to 20,000 users. If you are not familiar with BitTorrent Sync, it is a software that allows private file-sharing between your computers, and it is of course based on BitTorrent’s distributed technology.

Greenland Kicks The Pirate Bay Out After Just Two Days
On April Fools day The Pirate Bay announced that it was going to move its servers to the U.S. and was going to be renamed The Freedom Bay. That was obviously a joke. Being the number 1 file sharing website in the world and an ironical victim of copyright infringement, The Pirate Bay’s .gl based address was blocked by Greenland in just under two days.Tele-Post, a telecom company in Greenland […]

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Premiere Illegal Downloads Peak Over A Million
Game of Thrones has a unique honor to its name. It became the most illegally downloaded TV show of 2012. According to latest numbers, it is not giving up that throne any time soon. Last night HBO aired the Game of Thrones Season 3 premier and in merely a day it has been downloaded over a million times. There have never been so many people sharing a file at the same […]

Game of Thrones Season 3 Preview Describes The Nature Of Chaos
Do you sense that? Winter is indeed coming this spring as HBO’s Game of Thrones will start its third season starting March 31. Seeing as we’re over a month away from Game of Thrones’ premier, HBO has started the hype train with a new 40 second preview.The preview HBO published on the official Game of Thrones YouTube page is titled “Chaos” and highlights a number of important characters we were […]

Hollywood Studios Reportedly Using BitTorrent To Pirate Movies
Movie studios and record labels have always lamented how online piracy is destroying the industry and as we have seen in the past, these media giants have gone to rather extreme measures to punish individuals who have allegedly downloaded copyrighted material illegally. Interestingly it seems that despite their stance on the whole issue of piracy, it would seem as though some Hollywood studios might be guilty of pirating movies themselves. […]

BitTorrent Going Legal Next Year, Says Exec
BitTorrent, the company responsible for developing the innovative technology that delivers gargantuan files across the Internet, is heading into a new direction. BitTorrent Executive Director for Marketing, Matt Mason, says that the company is planning to “align itself with the entertainment industry and legally distribute movies, music, and books online.” Apparently BitTorrent wants to prove that it can go beyond offering free downloads by generating more sales. So far, the […]

Demonoid domains up for sale
There was quite a bit of news bytes floating around recently concerning popular BitTorrent site Demonoid which was recently shut down, as the authorities cited that to be a gift to the US. Well, it seems that more developments have happened since then, where a trio of Demonoid domains have gone up for sale, just a couple of weeks after it was taken down in a coordinated, concerted effort. The […]

DJ Shadow - first artist to get paid by BitTorrent
While BitTorrent usually isn’t synonymous with legitimate music downloads, it looks like things are about to change. According to reports online, BitTorrent is now being used to distribute original music starting with a turntablist known as DJ Shadow. Every time someone downloads a free torrent of his tracks and installs the bundled software, he and the developer of the software will earn some revenue.

BitTorrent Torque introduced
While BitTorrent downloads are usually handled by client-side apps on your computer, it looks like they might not have to be anymore. The folks behind the original BitTorrent client and technology have come up with BitTorrent Torque: “a JavaScript interface to a custom torrent client that exposes all the power of BitTorrent to web developers.”  Basically in the future we’ll be able to make use of BitTorrent file transfer technology […]

Pirate Pay is a Microsoft-funded startup that aims to kill illegal torrenting
We’re sure that you guys have heard of the popular torrent website, the Pirate Bay, but have you heard of the Pirate Pay? Yup that’s the name of a startup company in Russia that is looking to end the act of torrenting as we know it. The company has managed to come up with a system that they claim will be able to track and shut down the distribution of […]