Microsoft has started a new marketing campaign in the US geared primarily towards Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 developers. The Redmond based company is offering $100 in cash to developers who will submit new apps for both of these platforms. They can submit 10 apps in each store and earn up to $2,000. The apps have to be submitted before June 30. The cash incentive will be given to the first 10,000 qualifying entries. The rules are quite simple. Developers must submit apps that do more than just launch a web page. Apps strikingly similar to previously published ones are not eligible for this promotion. The apps must be completely new.

This campaign actually started in the first week of March, but we haven’t seen the company heavily promote it. Microsoft is not the only company offering cash, we’ve seen BlackBerry do the same. There exists a big problem with this campaign, it can guarantee quantity of apps but not quality of apps. BlackBerry 10 was launched with over 70,000 apps but most of them aren’t of any use. Is Microsoft just shooting for a big number of apps on both of its scores, or does it really want to offer quality apps like we can find in App Store or Google Play Store? Time will tell.

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