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AT&T BlackBerry Z10 Finally Gets OS 10.1 Update
AT&T BlackBerry Z10 OS10.1 update has finally started to roll out. The update will be pushed to customers over-the-air, they can also download it through BlackBerry Link software on their computers.

BlackBerry 10.1 Update Solves Rebooting Issue
There is a new BlackBerry 10.1 update that ought to put to bed all rebooting issues.

'Critical' Security Warning Issued For BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry issued a security advisory related to the Z10 smartphone. The 'critical' security advisory is related to BlackBerry Protect, the escalation of privilege vulnerability can be exploited by a malicious app to gain permissions in BlackBerry Protect

Blackberry 10.2 Alpha For The Z10 Has Been Leaked
Just last week we saw screenshots of the upcoming Blackberry 10.2 update, and the good news is that if you’re the owner of the Z10 and you must have the update, you can! Of course this is not the official update, especially since Blackberry 10.1 has yet to ship out to the masses, meaning that not only is this update not the officially released one, but it is also the […]


Blackberry 10.1 Update For Verizon's Blackberry Z10 Could Arrive 14th June
Heads up Verizon subscribers, if you were one of the customers who bought the new Blackberry Z10 and were a little bummed by the fact that your friends over at T-Mobile are enjoying their Blackberry 10.1 update, fret not because word on the street has it that the 10.1 update for Verizon users of the Blackberry Z10 could be arriving as soon as the 14th of June! This is according […]

T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 Prepped For BlackBerry 10.1 Update
T-Mobile's BlackBerry Z10 gets the BlackBerry 10.1 update.

BlackBerry Q10 Reportedly Selling Faster Than iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 And HTC One In France
According to a new report the BlackBerry Q10 is outselling major smartphones such as HTC One, Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 on France's second largest mobile network.

Instagram V3.4.4 BAR File Leaked For Blackberry Z10 Devices
After our post yesterday about Instagram possibly being announced for Blackberry, safe to say that such an announcement did not take place during Blackberry Live which we guess is kind of a disappointment to Blackberry users who have long been clamoring for the app. We guess if it’s any consolation, Windows Phone users still do not have the app either, but if you ever wanted to be smug around your […]

BlackBerry Z10 With 5 Inch Display Rumored
BlackBerry has been in the news quite a lot today, primarily because of their Live 2013 conference where they made a number of interesting announcements. This story, however, is about a rumored variant of the BlackBerry Z10 that has a 5 inch display and is currently being tested by the company in Canada. It is said to replace the current Z10 as BlackBerry’s flagship high-end BB10 smartphone.Rumor has it that […]

Skype For BlackBerry Z10
Late last month, the world was informed that Skype was made available to the masses via a preview version for the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone from BlackBerry World. It is nice to know that one as a BlackBerry Z10 owner did not have to wait too long for Skype to arrive on this particular handset, especially when the BlackBerry 10.1 operating system has begun to appear for the BlackBerry Z10. This […]

BlackBerry 10.1 Coming To U.S. BlackBerry Z10 Owners Later This Month
We’ve been hearing about BlackBerry’s upcoming update to its BlackBerry 10 OS, called BlackBerry 10.1, over the past couple of weeks. We saw a leaked image of some of the improvements we’ve been expecting for the updated BlackBerry 10.1, and today, BlackBerry’s CEO Thorston Heins had some news to share concerning the update.First, Heins pointed out a rather short list of improvements for BlackBerry 10.1, namely its added HDR camera mode, support […]

Blackberry Z10 Gets Its Own Louis Vuitton Case
Blackberry devices have usually been used to depict the enterprise user, and if you’re such a user and you’re looking to jazz up your brand new Blackberry Z10 with a fancy and elegant case, you might be interested to learn that Blackberry has teamed up with the folks at fashion house Louis Vuitton to create cases designed specifically for the Blackberry Z10. Louis Vuitton is not a new player in […]

Analyst Claims Canadian BlackBerry Q10 Sales Off To A Good Start
Many people were skeptical when BlackBerry announced its new devices back in January. It almost seemed as if the Z10 was off to a sluggish start, that coupled with the fact that the smartphone arrived in U.S. over two months late, many analysts were busy writing everything off. It was then reported that the return rates of Z10 in U.S. were abnormally high, the company took stern notice of this […]

T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 Registration Page Now Live For Business Customers
T-Mobile was the first U.S. carrier to speak about the availability of BlackBerry Q10. The network did not reveal what price tag will accompany Q10 on their network and when they intend on releasing it to customers. Last week T-Mobile only said that they will allow their business customers to register for the device on April 29. They’ve fulfilled that promise, T-Mobile business account holders can now register for the […]