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BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition With Android Leaked
It has been rumored for a long time that BlackBerry could launch a handset that’s powered by Android, in fact the company’s first flagship device for 2015 is expected to come with Google’s mobile OS. Recently the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition was launched and while it runs BB OS 10 some images have appeared online which show the device running Android. Does this mean BB tested out prototypes of this […]

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Officially Announced
A couple of weeks ago, the BlackBerry Dallas made its way through the FCC, hinting that it could be announced soon. It was later rumored that the handset would be officially known as the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition and if you’re wondering when will we officially get to see the handset, wonder no more.BlackBerry has officially announced the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. Essentially both the BlackBerry Passport and the Passport […]

Swiss Retailer Reveals Details About BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition
BlackBerry is going to launch a new handset soon though it’s not going to be the slider-flagship that many of the company’s fans have been waiting for, instead it’s going to be a new variant of the BlackBerry Passport, the company’s flagship from last year. Renders of the device have been leaked online and a media gallery went up briefly on BlackBerry’s own website, now a Swiss retailer has revealed some […]

BlackBerry Dallas To Be Named Passport Silver Edition
The BlackBerry Dallas is a handset whose name has been floating about for a while now. In fact the handset has even been spotted recently at the FCC where hopefully this means that we are inching closer towards an official announcement. That being said obviously Dallas won’t be its final name.Now thanks to what appears to be a leaked slide, we could have an official name for the handset in […]


BlackBerry To Exit Smartphone Market If Profits Don’t Turn Around
It is no secret that BlackBerry is definitely not the giant it once was. In fact a recent interview with BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen revealed that the Canadian company was looking to further reduce the amount of phones they release a year, dropping it from about 4 phones a year to about 1-2.Obviously this is done as a means to cut costs but it looks like it might not stop […]

BlackBerry Messaging & E-Mail Banned In Pakistan
It looks like the banhammer is being wielded again, and this time around it is Pakistan who is the “culprit”. Apparently, Pakistan has banned both BlackBerry messaging and e-mail, citing “security reasons” as the catalyst for this government move, and this can only mean that the ruling powers are expanding the monitoring of communications within the country itself.

BlackBerry Dallas Makes Its Way To The FCC
The BlackBerry Dallas is an upcoming BlackBerry handset that we have been hearing about for a while now. The handset was recently certified in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and if you’re wondering when the handset will actually launch, it could be soon.According to a recent FCC filing, it seems that the BlackBerry Dallas has made its way stateside. Unfortunately the filing does not tell us […]

BlackBerry To Cut Down The Number Of Phones They Make A Year
Back in the day, BlackBerry was doing well in both the hardware and software segments, but lately their hardware has been taking a hit what with companies like Apple and Samsung dominating the smartphone market, so much so that BlackBerry’s shift of strategy to software could see a reduction in the number of phones they make a year.Speaking in an interview on Fox Business, BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen revealed how […]

John Chen Has No Intentions Of Selling BlackBerry
Over the past few years, there have been rumors that BlackBerry was looking to be acquired. There have been rumors that companies such as Samsung and Lenovo might be interested in the company, but to date none of those rumors have come true. Now if you’re still wondering if and when that might happen, it seems that it won’t, at least not anytime soon.Speaking with CBC’s The Exchange’s Amanda Lang, […]

Multiple BlackBerry Android Handsets Rumored For 2015
Is BlackBerry getting into the Android business? So far BlackBerry hasn’t really confirmed or denied those claims, although recently the company did team up with Google to roll out security features for Android, thus improving its security for the enterprise. However according to a report from DigiTimes, it seems that BlackBerry has multiple plans for Android.According to their sources in the supply chains, BlackBerry will reportedly roll out multiple Android […]

BlackBerry Teams Up With Google To Bolster Android In Business
BlackBerry announced a new partnership with Google that aims to bolster Android in business, the enterprise-focused partnership will see BlackBerry’s BES12 device deployment service with some of the new security features that come as part and parcel of Android 5.0 Lollipop, thus allowing Android devices to provide better device management, increased security and improved enterprise apps to businesses.

More Evidence Of BlackBerry’s Interest In Android Surfaces
Is BlackBerry working on an Android device? While the company’s CEO was a bit coy when addressing the rumors, it seems that recently evidence has surfaced that suggests that the company is indeed interested. According to recent reports, it looks like BlackBerry has been going about buying Android-related domains.These domains are “” and “” and were found to have been registered to BlackBerry Limited. While it is unclear as to […]

BlackBerry Dallas Certified In Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
We have been hearing that BlackBerry is working on a handset codenamed “Oslo”, and it seems that its Asian counterpart has the codename “Dallas” and according to recent sightings, it seems that the handset was recently certified in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.Not much is known about the Dallas at the moment save for the rumors that it is basically the Oslo, which in turn is based […]

BlackBerry Classic Now Available In Cobalt Blue Limited Edition
BlackBerry supporters have a reason to rejoice, as the company has brought out a limited edition variant of the BlackBerry Classic. This new variant is targeting those customers who want to experiment with the color of their handset. The variant is now available for purchase, it features Cobalt Blue color, which gives it a new look. Rest all is same old Classic smartphone that has been quite popular. The device […]