BlackBerry-LogoWhen the name Boeing is mentioned, chances are you probably think of planes, but recently the company has decided to venture into the smartphone market with the release of the Boeing Black smartphone, a smartphone aimed at users who prioritize privacy and security above all else.

These are also features which BlackBerry used to be known for back in the day, which is why the idea of both companies coming together doesn’t seem particularly surprising. This partnership was recently announced by BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen during an interview with Bloomberg.

Chen announced that together with Boeing, they would be creating a phone designed for the US Defense and Homeland Security personnel that would be able to self-destruct, thus ultimately protecting the data kept on the device from falling into the wrong hands. With this move, it certainly looks like BlackBerry could slowly be working their way back into the graces of the government which has since turned to devices from Apple and those running on Android as alternatives.

This is the same interview in which Chen announced that he was 99% certain that BlackBerry would survive, and if this deal works out we can only imagine that other companies will want to get their hands on a similar product for security and privacy purposes too.

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