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BlackBerry PRIV Will No Longer Receive Monthly Security Updates
If there is one thing that BlackBerry is known for, apart from creating keyboard phones, is their security. At one point in time the company was used by businesses and governments due to their security features, which was also brought over to consumer devices. Unfortunately for BlackBerry PRIV users, those security features are coming to an end.

BlackBerry KEYone Successor Reportedly In The Works
Earlier this year the BlackBerry KEYone was released. While BlackBerry releases new phones every now and then, what made the KEYone different is the fact that it is made by TCL, the first phone made by the company ever since BlackBerry decided to call it quits on the hardware business.

BlackBerry’s CEO Claims They Are ‘Out Of Danger’
There was a period in time in which BlackBerry had hoped that their own mobile operating system would be good enough to compete against the likes of iOS and Android. While BlackBerry certainly had their loyal fans, it’s safe to say that their mobile platform never quite took off the way they had hoped.

BlackBerry Motion Announced At GITEX Technology Week
It was reported recently that BlackBerry is working on a new handset that will be announced soon. We saw a leaked render of this handset a couple of days back as well. At the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, the company has officially launched the BlackBerry Motion.


Alleged Render Of The BlackBerry Motion Leaked
A couple of months ago, TCL confirmed that the company had a new BlackBerry phone in the works. Apart from confirming that the phone would sport an all touchscreen display, not much is known about the handset in terms of specs or design, although a recently leaked photo did clue us in ever so slightly.

Alleged Photo Of BlackBerry Krypton Leaked
So far all the BlackBerry devices released by TCL have been of the hybrid variety, where the handset sports a touchscreen display, but also comes with a physical keyboard, a feature that many BlackBerry users seem to love most about the brand, and also what makes BlackBerry phones so unique from the competition.

BlackBerry Smartwatch No Longer Seems Like A Myth
BlackBerry hasn’t had much luck with hardware over the past decade. The smartphones that it made itself didn’t sell as well as it might have hoped. The company only made one tablet and that flopped as well. We never go to see any wearable devices from the company so while a BlackBerry smartwatch might have seemed like a myth at one point, it appears to be a genuine possibility now.

Confirmed: BlackBerry PRIV Will Not Receive Android Nougat Update
If there is one reassuring thing that iPhone users can expect from Apple, it is in the form of software updates for major releases. Take for example the upcoming iOS 11 which will actually support devices as old the iPhone 5s which was released four years ago in 2013. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Android, and the BlackBerry PRIV is the perfect example.

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition Launch Confirmed
#IFA2017 – The BlackBerry KEYOne Black Edition was recently launched as an exclusive in India. It was confirmed several weeks later that AT&T will be carrying this handset exclusively in the United States, Prior to that, Sprint was the only carrier selling BlackBerry’s latest TCL-made handset. The company has now confirmed that it’s going to launch an updated BlackBerry KEYOne in more markets across the globe.

The Next BlackBerry Smartphone Will Be Water-Resistant
Recently it has been confirmed that TCL will be launching a new BlackBerry smartphone, and that unlike the previous BlackBerry phones that were launched, this model is expected to be a full screen handset, as opposed to earlier BlackBerry phones that also offered users a physical keyboard.

New All Touchscreen BlackBerry Due This October
#IFA2017 – BlackBerry is no longer manufacturing smartphones on its own. It has licensed its brand to China-based TCL which is now making BB-branded smartphones. The first result of this collaboration was the BlackBerry KEYOne and now the two companies are gearing up to launch another handset. It has been confirmed that there’s going to be a new all touchscreen BlackBerry handset which will be unveiled this October.

BlackBerry Android ROM May Soon Be Licensed To Other OEMs
Your next Android smartphone might be powered by an Android ROM developed by BlackBerry. According to a new report, the company is thinking about licensing its secure version of Android to other smartphone manufacturers. What this means is that the manufacturer will make the hardware and it will be powered by BlackBerry’s custom version of Android which the company claims is more secure than any other iteration of the mobile […]

AT&T Exclusively Launches 'Space Black' BlackBerry KEYOne On September 1st
BlackBerry’s latest handset has got another carrier partner in the United States. It has only been available from Sprint so far and today AT&T has confirmed that it will exclusively sell the BlackBerry KEYOne in “Space Black” starting September 1st. The Space Black model of this handset was previously launched in India.

BlackBerry KEYone Will Receive Update To Android 8.0 Oreo
Yesterday Google officially took the wraps off their latest Android update and unveiled to the world Android 8.0 Oreo. While the update is expected to find its way to Nexus and Pixel devices, the question is for non-Google devices, when and will they receive the update? The good news for BlackBerry users is that you guys will.