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Sprint To Address BlackBerry KEYone Bloatware Bug
Carriers usually have a very bad habit of loading their phones up with apps, also known as bloatware. We suppose that for the most part, the intentions are good in which these apps are designed to provide certain services to users right out of the box, but usually people already know what they want to use, so these apps are really just taking up space.

Sprint Launches BlackBerry KEYOne
BlackBerry started selling the TCL-manufactured KEYOne in the United States several weeks ago. It has been selling the unlocked and off-contract variant of this handset so far. It was recently reported that Sprint might become the first carrier in the country to offer the handset to its customers. That has proven to be true as Sprint has now officially launched the BlackBerry KEYOne.

Sprint May Launch BlackBerry KEYOne Soon
BlackBerry’s latest handset might soon be available from Sprint. You may recall that the company has given the exclusive manufacturing rights to TCL. China-based TCL is now manufacturing smartphones and selling them under BlackBerry’s brand. The BlackBerry KEYOne is the first love child of this partnership and it appears to be heading to Sprint in the near future.

BlackBerry KEYOne Units With Strengthened Displays Out Now
The BlackBerry KEYOne is the first proper smartphone that TCL has made ever since it was made the exclusive manufacturing partner for the Canadian company. BlackBerry is no longer making its own handsets, TCL is doing that and it’s using the company’s brand. Their new device faced a minor issue right out the gate but that has now been addressed.


Evernote Discontinues Support For BlackBerry And Windows Phone
If we were to turn back the clock maybe 5 years ago, the mobile landscape looks very different compared to today. Back then iOS and Android were still very dominant, but there were attempts by BlackBerry and Microsoft and even Nokia to try and make their mark, although safe to say that in today’s landscape, it’s pretty much iOS or Android.

New BlackBerry Phone Might Feature Snapdragon 625 Processor
You may recall that BlackBerry has decided to no longer make smartphones on its own. What the company has done is license its iconic brand to China-based TCL which will now manufacture and sell BB-branded handsets. The BlackBerry KEYOne is the first device to come out of this partnership and it appears that another is in the pipeline.

WhatsApp Extends Support For BlackBerry & Nokia Devices
As you might have heard, about a week ago WhatsApp reminded some of its legacy BlackBerry and Nokia users that support for the app would be ending on the 30th of June. Now we can only imagine that the number of users on these older platforms probably can’t be that much, which is why WhatsApp is choosing to focus their efforts on newer devices.

BlackBerry KEYOne Display Separation Issue Being Addressed
You might have read recently that YouTuber JerryRigEverything put BlackBerry Mobile’s new handset, the BlackBerry KEYOne, through his stringent durability tests and found that the display comes off rather easily. Apparently, that’s because there’s not much adhesive being used to hold the display in place. BlackBerry Mobile has now sent out a statement revealing that it’s an issue being faced only by a small number of KEYOne owners and that […]

BlackBerry KEYOne Release Takes Place In The U.S.
We started hearing a lot of rumors about the BlackBerry Mercury late last year. This TCL-made handset is called the BlackBerry KEYOne. It may look like a conventional BlackBerry device with its full QWERTY keyboard but since the Canadian company is no longer making devices, it’s actually made by TCL under the BB brand. Those who have been waiting to pick one up in the United States will be delighted […]

BlackBerry KEYone Breaks Pre-Order Record At Carrier
BlackBerry might not be the brand or company you think of when it comes to smartphones these days. Back in the day that might have been the case, although right now the company’s brand isn’t quite what it used to be. However it seems that in the face of the competition, BlackBerry appears to be holding on pretty well.

BlackBerry-Qualcomm Arbitration Final Award Amounts To $940 Million
It was confirmed in April this year that the arbitration between BlackBerry and Qualcomm had resulted in a settlement of the dispute. Qualcomm was ordered to pay $814 million back to BlackBerry that the latter had overpaid as royalty to the chipmaker. However, the final arbitration award has now been calculated and it’s much closer to a billion dollars than it previously was.

BlackBerry KEYOne U.S. Release Date Confirmed
We’ve known since late last year that TCL has developed a BlackBerry-branded smartphone that runs Android and features a full QWERTY keyboard. This handset was officially announced a couple of months back and now the company has finally confirmed when it’s going to be released in the United States. TCL first unveiled the BlackBerry KEYOne properly at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in February this year.

BlackBerry KEYone Delayed Further In The UK
Announced earlier this year at MWC 2017, the BlackBerry KEYone is the company’s latest handset that is meant to appeal to BlackBerry loyalists and fans who miss the company’s QWERTY devices. Unfortunately last month it was reported that the handset’s release would be delayed to early May, but over in the UK customers might have to wait longer.

BlackBerry Wins Royalty Dispute With Qualcomm, Awarded Close To $1 Billion
BlackBerry will soon see a significant chunk of money coming its way. It has been involved in an arbitration with Qualcomm for quite some time. BlackBerry alleged that it was overpaying Qualcomm for the royalties due on the latter’s payments. The arbitration has now ended and the result is that Qualcomm will have to pay close to a billion dollars to BlackBerry.