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Line BlackBerry Support Ends This July
Popular cross-platform messaging service Line, which boasts more than 220 million users across the globe, today made an important announcement concerning those who access its service on BlackBerry handsets and other legacy platforms. The company confirmed that Line BlackBerry support is officially going to end later this year. The Line app for BlackBerry will be discontinued in July this year and will no longer be possible to create new accounts […]

BlackBerry To Expand Its Licensing Beyond Mobile Devices
With BlackBerry announcing that they will no longer be making their own hardware, we’re sure that fans of the company were pretty disappointed. However it seems that it might have been a good idea because now the company is free to let its name be attached to all kinds of products that aren’t necessarily mobile.

BlackBerry Android Tablet May Arrive Soon
BlackBerry hasn’t had much luck in the hardware market for the past few years. All of the company’s smartphones flopped and ultimately BlackBerry decided to start licensing its brand name to other manufacturers who are now making Android-powered devices that carry the BB brand. The Canadian company is now out of the hardware game itself. It appears that one of its partners is interested in making a BlackBerry Android tablet.

BlackBerry KEYone’s Release Has Been Delayed To May
The BlackBerry KEYone was officially announced at MWC 2017 and it represented a mid-range handset that came with a physical QWERTY keyboard, something that many BlackBerry fans can appreciate. It was also originally pegged for a release in April and recent FCC approval suggested that things were on track.


BlackBerry KEYone Approved By The FCC
When BlackBerry announced that they would be stepping away from making their own smartphones, the company also reassured customers that those who loved the company’s phones with a physical QWERTY keyboard had nothing to worry about as there would be more such handsets on its way.

BlackBerry Privacy Shade App Will Protect Your Information From Onlookers
Have you ever had to check some personal information on your phone in a public place and worried about something snooping in by simply looking over your shoulder? This can happen when you’re in line at the bank or in a packed train. BlackBerry has come up with a solution to this problem. It’s an app that the company is called Privacy Shade.

BlackBerry Aurora Officially Announced
TCL may have the rights to manufacture and sell BlackBerry-branded handsets in most markets across the globe but the rights to the Indonesian market rest with BB Merah Putih. We had been hearing reports that this company was working on a new mid-range BB handset called the BlackBerry Aurora and that has turned out to be true. BB Merah Putih has officially launched the BlackBerry Aurora today.

BlackBerry Aurora Surfaces Online
You might have heard by now that BlackBerry has licensed its brand to third-party manufacturers who will now build smartphones with its name. TCL will look after manufacturing and sales in most markets across the globe but BlackBerry has given those rights to another company called BB Merah Putih for Indonesia. The first BB handset built by this company has now surfaced online, it may be called BlackBerry Aurora and […]

Two New BlackBerry Phones Might Be On The Way
BlackBerry is no longer making its own smartphones. It has signed a global licensing agreement with TCL which gives the Chinese company the rights to manufacture and sell BlackBerry-branded smartphones. It officially announced one such device at the Mobile World Congress 2017 called the BlackBerry KEYone. According to a new report, TCL might have two additional BlackBerry phones on the way.

BlackBerry KEYone Official: Price, Specs, And Release Date
BlackBerry announced not too long ago that it has signed away the global licensing rights to its brand to China’s TCL. What this means is that BlackBerry will no longer be making its own smartphones. TCL is going to develop, manufacture, and sell BlackBerry-branded handsets in most markets across the globe. TCL showed off its first BB device earlier this year at CES 2017 codenamed BlackBerry Mercury and has made […]

BlackBerry Market Share Is Now 0.0%
Less than a decade ago, BlackBerry was a dominant player in the smartphone market. The company made what were believed to be the best smartphones at that time and it was leading the pack alongside rivals like Nokia. We all know what happened to Nokia and BlackBerry didn’t really survive as well. It has been constantly bleeding market share since 2007 and ten years later, Gartner’s latest research report shows […]

Notable Is A New Screen Capture And Markup App From BlackBerry
BlackBerry may not be making smartphones anymore but the company continues to make Android software. The company has announced a new screen capture and markup app called Notable that’s initially going to be available only for its Android-powered handsets. The company says that its Notable app for Android “lets you scribble down your best ideas.”

BlackBerry Mercury Launch Teased For February 25th
We’ve been hearing for a few months now that a new BlackBerry-branded handset is in the pipeline. The company officially confirmed this last month at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017. The handset is going to be manufactured by TCL which is now the exclusive manufacturer of BB-branded devices in most markets. It confirmed this handset, codenamed BlackBerry Mercury, without really confirming anything about it. Now an allegedly leaked BB teaser […]

BlackBerry Smartphones Will Also Be Manufactured In India
BlackBerry may have inked an exclusive manufacturing deal with China-based TCL but the deal excludes some key markets like India. BlackBerry had been planning for long to start manufacturing smartphones in India but since it has given up on making its own smartphones, the company has now inked a deal with Optiemus Infracom which will manufacture BlackBerry-branded Android smartphones in India for India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.