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Microsoft Headset Might Help The Blind To Get Around
When it comes to helping the blind move around, there has been a fair number of advancements made to make sure that they can do so in a safe manner. However, there is always room for improvement, and Microsoft intends to help the visually impaired out by introducing a new headset that can “talk” to the blind. It will function with a Windows Phone device, and relies on both location […]

BlindShell: Making Android Better For The Blind
A great deal is often made about “User Interface” in the tech world, but to date, much of that discussion is focused on how things look. All well and good, except if you’re blind or visually impaired. (Note that “Blind” is a medical term that encompasses severe visual impairment with some remaining vision)With some 285 million visually-impaired smartphone users worldwide – 39 million of whom are completely blind – finding […]

SFO To Use Beacon Technology In Helping Blind Travelers Get Around
Being blind is definitely no fun at all, as losing one’s sight could prove to be a huge inconvenience when it comes to getting around. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) intends to make life easier for blind travelers by introducing a new pilot program in 2014 which could assist them in their navigation throughout the terminal, all with the assistance of beacon technology.

Smart Glasses Use High Contrast Images To Help The Blind See
We’ve seen a number of ways modern technology can help the blind as well as those with limited vision get around a little easier. Just this week, we saw a robotic cane that can help its user make their way past obstacles, but a new pair of smart glasses could actually help that person with limited vision see obstacles for themselves, as well as other things around them.


Robotic Cane Helps Guide The Blind Past Obstacles
People with eyesight often times have trouble making their way through the world as tend to trip, stumble or bump into things, even though we see them coming. Blind people probably have a much more difficult time getting around as they often need to seek the guidance of a cane to get them around safely. That’s why something like the robotic cane needs to be turned into an actual consumer […]

Google Glass App 'OpenGlass' Helps The Blind To Identify Objects
Google Glass has seen a number of helpful and interesting applications become available, but one application may help blind people “see.” Dapper Vision is working on a Google Glass application called OpenGlass, which is a number of tools and services that can help those with limited vision identify objects as well as receiving additional information through the wearable computer.

Qualcomm Is Making It Easier For Blind People to Use Touchscreens
Smartphones are changing the world and making it easier for all kinds of people to access information. Except for blind people, who miss out on several of the aspects of smartphones and touchscreens that make them so cool. Qualcomm, which produces the Snapdragon SoC that powers many Android phones, has built features for blind people that could make life significantly easier for the 285 million visually impaired people worldwide. Qualcomm is calling […]

EyeRing voice-activated augmented reality device for the blind
Technology has paved the way for new advances in the field of medicine. We’ve already seen apps such as the Busalert app and the Georgie Android app for the visually impaired. But the researchers over at MIT were able to develop a camera-equipped ring that could help the visually impaired identify objects and read text. It’s called EyeRing, and its creators describe it as a finger-worn device that allows you […]

Busalert app helps blind people in identifying the arrival time of buses
The city of São Carlos in Brazil has partnered with Grupo Criar, a company that specializes in developing traffic systems, to create a mobile app for the blind. The app is called Busalert, and the developers are planning to launch the app on both Android and Windows Phone platform. The Busalert app covers the city’s entire bus fleet. Essentially, blind users will have to enter the number of the bus […]

Bionic eye gives sight to the blind
Remember the Six Million Dollar Man? Well, I am quite sure if inflation was to be taken into account, Steve Austin would be worth far more than that today with his cybernetic enhancements, but this is another can of worms altogether. What we are interested in today is a new ‘bionic eye’ microchip which has been implanted in the eyes of two blind British men, and the interesting thing is, […]

viSparsh Kinect belt helps the blind navigate
We’re no strangers to technology used to help the less fortunate, but it’s always interesting when it’s done with a device originally intended for gaming – in this case, the Kinect. Well some folks over in New Delhi, India have come up with something called the viSparsh belt – “a computer vision assisted haptic feedback system that detects objects near the wearer and notifies them through an array of vibration […]

LookTel Money Reader app receives major update
Remember the LookTel Money Reader app we talked about back in March? In case you forgot, Money Reader is an app that helps visually impaired folks to count their money with the aid of their iPhones. Using the camera on the phone, Money Reader can recognize US bills placed in front of it, regardless of whether they are partially covered or folded. A voice will then read out how much […]

AT&T releases Mobile Accessibility Lite for the visually impaired or blind
If you’re visually impaired or you know someone who is, and you want to help them experience their smartphone in an easier way, AT&T has just announced the Mobile Accessibility Lite application by Code Factory. It brings to the table a suite of accessible applications that will allow a user with visual impairment to enjoy common tasks that regular Android users do everyday.

Woman looking for funding for a prosthetic eye digital camera
Having lost her eye in a car accident, Tanya Marie Vlach arrived upon the idea of installing an eye-camera in place of the prosthesis that she currently has equipped. If you think about it, it’s sort of like a pseudo-bionic eye, although it will most definitely not be able to replace a natural eye.In essence what she’s trying to achieve is an eye-camera that will be able to capture video […]

EYE 21 system lets the blind "see" through the use of sound
It seems that there have been quite a lot of new technologies that are coming up directed at those who are visually impaired or blind, and that can only be a good thing! We had previously reported on a “virtual cane” that made use of sonar to help map out obstacles and objects, and only a couple of hours ago we wrote a post on a prototype high-tech glasses that […]

High-tech glasses will allow those who are visually impaired to "see"
Having one’s vision impaired can be life altering; the way we go about our daily life, the things we can and cannot do have all been changed. Sure we could use seeing-eye dogs which are extremely effective, but compare the cost of training up a seeing-eye dog which is reportedly at 25,000 GBP, with a set of high-tech glasses which could potentially cost 500 GBP. In terms of cost effectiveness, […]

"Virtual Cane" Lets The Visually Impaired Navigate Via Sonar
A team affiliated with Israel’s Hebrew University, has developed a new device that would allow the blind and visually impaired to navigate their way by the use of “virtual canes”. The device makes use of sonar-like technology (much like how bats use sonar to “see”) to detect objects within 10 meters, which would allow the blind or visually impaired to make their way about safely.

Wheelchair that uses a laser scanner to "see"
The folks over at Sweden’s Lulea University of Technology have developed an electric wheelchair that can “see” for its user. Designed for visually impaired passengers, the wheelchair uses a laser scanner to generate a 3D map of the wheelchair’s surroundings. With this map, it acts like a virtual cane, alerting the driver about any obstacles such as people or open doors, through haptic feedback with the wheelchair’s steering joystick.These seeing […]

Robots that help humans see in areas of low visibility
While guide dogs have been around for awhile to guide humans who can’t see, they can’t be used all the time – i.e. when entering hazardous areas like burning buildings covered by smoke. Well the folks over in King’s College London and Thales are developing a semi-autonomous robot that will have sensory capabilities that can be shared with humans. These robots will communicate with humans via reins, sending feedback such […]

Kinect as a visually impaired radar
The Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Group from the university of Konstanz has created Navigational Aids for the Visually Impaired (or NAVI), an application that uses Kinect’s perception of depth to guide visually impaired people in buildings. It works by having Kinect “see” the volumes around the user and use that information to provide guidance via a vibrating belt, it’s a bit like a bat. In addition to that, the developers have been […]