Google Glass has seen a number of helpful and interesting applications become available, but one application may help blind people “see.” Dapper Vision is working on a Google Glass application called OpenGlass, which is a number of tools and services that can help those with limited vision identify objects as well as receiving additional information through the wearable computer.

One of the first services OpenGlass can offer the visually impaired is Question-Answer, which allows the Google Glass user to take a picture of an object to then use voice commands to help identify the object. Once the item has been identified, the specs will then relay its answer through voice. The second service OpenGlass offers is called Memento, which acts as a real-time version of its Question-Answer service. Instead of relying on the Internet to help identify the object, Memento requires someone to build a database of images and annotations to draw its data from.

As great as the idea of being able to browse the Internet or Facebook is on Google Glass is, OpenGlass is certainly something that could help improve the lives of those without sight. Hopefully Dapper Vision can fine tune the application so it can be available to anyone and everyone who owns a pair of Google Glass.

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