Having lost her eye in a car accident, Tanya Marie Vlach arrived upon the idea of installing an eye-camera in place of the prosthesis that she currently has equipped. If you think about it, it’s sort of like a pseudo-bionic eye, although it will most definitely not be able to replace a natural eye.

In essence what she’s trying to achieve is an eye-camera that will be able to capture video in 720p HD quality and transmit it back wirelessly to a mobile app. Tanya also wishes for the eye-camera to be able to zoom, be water-tight and include facial recognition. She also wants the pupil to be able to dilate according to the amount of light available, much like how a regular eye would.

It’s currently a Kickstarter project and she has requested for a funding of $15,000. It sounds like a really unique project, and a pretty worth cause. If her Kickstarter project manages to get fully funded, it’s only a matter of time before the idea is refined upon and given to other patients who shares Tanya’s situation.

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