blind-guideWhen it comes to helping the blind move around, there has been a fair number of advancements made to make sure that they can do so in a safe manner. However, there is always room for improvement, and Microsoft intends to help the visually impaired out by introducing a new headset that can “talk” to the blind. It will function with a Windows Phone device, and relies on both location and navigation data alongside a network of information beacons located throughout urban locations so that it has the ability to describe routes.

Needless to say, initial testing needs to be done, and this happened in a journey that started from Reading all the way to London, where it included some other “routes”, so to speak, including shopping, bus and train travel. This particular bit of technology was developed with the assistance of the charity known as Guide Dogs. After all, with more than 2 million registered visually impaired people in the UK, approximately 180,000 of them rarely or never go out, and it is hoped that this particular technology will be able to change the way things work in the future.

At least it would make visiting other cities and places in which you are not familiar with less daunting, all the while providing a sense of empowerment to boot.

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