n1-liveThe Talkband N1 is Huawei’s headset/Mp3 player for those who won’t want to exercise with their phones on them. There are countless bluetooth “sports” headsets on the market today, and many boast a great battery life, a water and shock-proof body, but ultimately, you still have to carry your phone (or a music player) which may not be waterproof nor shockproof…

The TalkBand N1 has enough flash memory to store 1000 songs (4GB) and act as a ultraportable (18g) MP3 player capable of reproducing sounds in the 20KHz range according to Huawei. The metal design looks premium and comfortable — although we have not tried it for any length of time yet. It is water and dust resistant (IP54), which makes it pretty much sweat-proof for practical purposes.

If you really want to use a phone, the Talkband N1  is also a Bluetooth headset which also acts as a motion tracker that keeps an eye on your sports performance (distance, calories etc…) and (hopefully) progress.

When it acts as a BT headset, it can also speak the caller’s name so that you know who’s calling. Finally, and this may be the best part of the design: when you don’t use it, the two ears can be brought together by a magnet, thus turning the Talkband N1 into a necklace — maybe not for the macho guy, but this is really nice!

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