Remember our story earlier this week that pointed out new findings of an old study which claimed that being close proximity to cellphones for prolonged period of time might actually lead to one having a higher chance of getting cancer down the road? Well, public opinion is split down the middle on this one, and I don’t think many people are that paranoid to not use their handset at all, while those who prefer to tread on the safe side might just go out and purchase a Bluetooth headset instead. Bluetrek decided to take advantage of the latter group, claiming that their range of headsets will help reduce one’s exposure to electromagnetic radiation from a cellphone by up to 98.8%.

Bluetrek is proud to say that their “Bluetooth headsets reduce cancer risk for heavy users of mobile phones” – and that statement alone goes to show just which side of the divide they lean on where the research’s conclusions are concerned. The company isn’t a fly-by-night – no sir, they have vast experience in Bluetooth hands-free devices.

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