Plantronics has a new high-performance Bluetooth Headset called the Voyager Edge which brings many of the features of the top of the line Voyager Legend, but comes in a smaller package and with my favorite feature: the micro USB charging port. I have used the Voyager Legend back when it was launched and although I did appreciate the extremely high audio quality and the long battery life, the proprietary charging connector was ultimately the reason why I did not use it at times: I would often forget the charging cable/dock.

The Voyager Edge solves this by using a micro-USB port, which is a very desirable thing for any traveler, and even if you don’t travel much it’s fair to say that you probably have a bunch of micro USB cables everywhere, including in your car.

I mentioned this on my Facebook page recently, and I used the Plantronics M70 as an example of how a tiny Bluetooth headphone charged via micro-USB would get the job done as I cover Mobile World Congress. I use these headphones not only for calls, but also in the press room to check on the video audio quality etc.

I can’t expect the M70 to match the performance of the Voyager Legend, but on paper, the Voyager Edge is nearly equivalent and is more design-friendly in my opinion. The Legend will probably keep its absolute performance position in the Plantronics line, but the Edge seems more convenient for the rest of us.

Interestingly, the Plantronics Voyager Edge also comes with a battery case, which provides an extra 10 hours of battery life, or about 2 exra charges. This bluetooth headset is supposed to last for 6 hours of talk-time. This is nice if you think of putting it back in its case at least once per week.

In terms of features, the Edge has noise-cancellation, sensors that know if you are putting it on or removing it (it will pause the conversation or switch to the phone’s speaker), and the Plantronic voice-commands to check on the battery levels or have some basic hands-free interaction with the device. Also, the Voyager Edge will announce who is calling by voice, which is handy while driving.

Finally, the Voyager Edge is much easier to put on with one hand since it does not have an over the ear piece found in the Voyager Pro/Pro HD/Legend models. Granted, this may not be as stable if you want to have it on you all day, but if you use it occasionally, being able to do so with one hand is definitely a plus.

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