Having escaped the shadow of the FCC since it dropped by in February, the NUU MiniKey Bluetooth keyboard case for Apple’s iPhone 4 is now available, delivering better speed and typing accuracy for those who are always on the go, and have yet to get used to a virtual keyboard. Of course, if you are connected to it via Bluetooth, that would mean sapping additional battery power from your iPhone – making it ideal to get a case that has a secondary battery so that you have a backup power supply should the situation arise where you need to make an emergency phone call or send out just one more email. 

Heavy iPhone typists will find the NUU MiniKey to be heaven-sent, where it offers the classic tactile feedback whenever your fingers dance over the keys, making it suitable for folks who are mulling over whether to switch to the BlackBerry from the iPhone.

One plus point that we can think of for the NUU MiniKey would be the inclusion of backlit keys, making it a whole lot easier to use even when you are in a dark room. Not only that, additional features include text-editing shortcuts, a long battery life, and an automatic sleep mode. Expect to see this puppy arrive in North America, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom soon.

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