The folks over at the FCC must have had some fun recently playing with a Bluetooth keyboard from Matias, having tested and deconstructed this unannounced keyboard. The reduced model has one rather startling form factor design, which would be the lack of a numeric pad. The big question is, will the Matias Bluetooth keyboard here cater for the PC or Mac platform? The answer can be derived from the Page Up and Page Down keys, in addition to the color scheme and command/option keys, too, delivering quite the clearest hints yet.

Apart from that, the draft user manual within the filing also adds further confirmation that this is headed for the Mac platform. When hooked up to your Mac via Bluetooth, there will be three more USB ports that are located around the top edge so that you can plug in a mouse, juice up its internal battery, or perhaps charge other kinds of hardware. Sporting Matias’ Quiet Pro technology, this particular Bluetooth keyboard comes with the model number FK302Q, which means this might very well be a mini variant.

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