Bluetooth Keyboard iPad Case Turns It Into A Netbook

One of the main complaints folks have about the iPad is the lack of a built-in keyboard, which means that typing lengthy emails isn’t always a simple solution. If you don’t like Apple’s iPad keyboard dock, you could always check out the BL-BKB76 Bluetooth iPad keyboard that comes with an iPad case. The design seems to be rather well thought out, as the case and keyboard design allows the iPad to be easily propped up like your standard laptop configuration, making it easy to type out those emails. The keyboard sports a dedicated Bluetooth connect button for quick pairing and also sports an internal rechargeable battery that claims to offer a standby time of 100 days and uninterrupted working time of 90 hours. When it does run out of juice, it’ll take a good 4 to 4.5 hours in order to recharge. There isn’t any mention of when it’ll be hitting the US (if ever), but since it paid a visit to the FCC recently, perhaps we’ll be seeing it sometime soon.

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