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FAA Says Boeing 737 Max Software Fix Is 'Operationally Suitable'
The Boeing 737 Max jets remained grounded across the globe following two fatal crashes involving the plane in Indonesia and Ethiopia just five months apart. The jet’s new MCAS anti-stall system was reportedly the common denominator in both incidents and Boeing has since been working on a software fix which would make the system less aggressive and provide pilots with more control over it. The Federal Aviation Administration has been […]

Boeing 737 Max Production Temporarily Slowed Down
Even though Boeing’s 737 Max planes have been grounded across the globe, the company continues to manufacture them. However, Boeing has now said that it will “temporarily” slow down the production of the jet. The cut in production will remain in effect as Boeing continues to work on the promised software update for the jet’s flight control system.

FAA Approval For Boeing's 737 Max Fix Still 'Weeks' Away
Boeing recently detailed the software fix for the issues in its 737 Max jets which have been grounded across the globe following two fatal crashes merely five months apart. Even though the manufacturer appears to have everything ready to go, it may be a while before those planes can take to the skies once again. The Boeing 737 Max update fix is said to be “weeks” away from being approved […]

Boeing Details 737 Max Software Update Fix
Boeing had said a couple of weeks ago that it would roll out a software update fix for the 737 Max jets which have been involved in fatal crashes merely five months apart. Earlier reports have suggested that the updates would improve safety features of the aircraft to ensure that such accidents never take place against. Boeing has now detailed its 737 Max software update fix.


Boeing 737 Max 8 Software Fix 'Tentatively' Approved By FAA
The Federal Aviation Administration decided to ground the Boeing 787 Max 8 after preliminary investigations revealed similarities between the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes which took place merely five months apart. Both flights were operated on the same type of aircraft and were missing safety features that Boeing only sold as options. A software fix developed to address the issues has reportedly been “tentatively” approved by the FAA.

American Airlines Cancels 90 Flights Per Day Due To 737 Max 8 Grounding
Boeing’s latest 737 Max 8 jet has been grounded following two fatal accidents merely five months apart. It has only been a couple of years since the company started delivering this airplane to airlines across the globe but the entire fleet has now been grounded as investigations into both crashes continue. This has led to flight cancellations at airlines that were operating the 737 Max 8, including American Airlines. AA […]

Both Crashed 737s Lacked Safety Features Boeing Sold Only As Options
The investigation continues into what caused Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 to crash five months apart from each other, killing everyone on board. There are a couple of similarities between both incidents. The flights were operated on a Boeing 737 Max 8, a new iteration of Boeing’s iconic 737, and both crashed shortly after take off. A new report mentions that both jets were missing two […]

Boeing's 737 Max Safety Analysis Was Reportedly Flawed
Boeing’s latest 737 Max jets have been grounded in several countries including the United States following the recent crash of Ethiopian Airlines. It was the second hull loss of the 737 Max 8 after the Lion Air crash merely six months ago. This has prompted concerns about a particular safety feature on the aircraft which additional data shows might have been the cause in both incidents, though a concrete link […]

Boeing 737 Max Planes Have Been Grounded In The U.S.
The pressure has been building on the Federal Aviation Administration to ground the Boeing 737 Max fleet in the United States following the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday. China was the first country to ground the jet amid concerns that the cause of this crash might be similar to that of the Lion Air crash six months ago which also involved a Boeing 737 Max 8. Merely a day […]

Boeing To Release Software Update For 737 Max Jets Next Month
Boeing’s latest 737 Max jets have come under the spotlight after the loss of two aircraft in fatal accidents merely six months apart. This is unheard of in this day and age. A lot of questions are being asked about the airworthiness of these jets, which are an iteration of the iconic Boeing 737, one of the most successful passenger jets ever produced. Boeing has now said that it’s going […]

Boeing's Newest 737 Max Jets Are Being Grounded Following Crashes
The Boeing 737 family of jets is perhaps the most successful passenger airliner ever produced. Thousands of units have been sold over the past couple of decades and Boeing continues to make new iterations of its iconic narrow-body jet in order to serve the needs of its customers. The Boeing 737 Max 8 is one of the newest variants of this jet and it has unfortunately been involved in two […]

Boeing's Autonomous Fighter Jet May Take Flight Next Year
Most people might know Boeing from the airplanes that they fly in but the company does make other kinds of airplanes as well. The company has shown off an autonomous fighter jet which is now expected to take flight in 2020. The autonomous aircraft has been designed to fly alongside piloted fighter jets to perform intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance as well as early warning tests.

Boeing's Autonomous Flying Taxi Pulls Off Successful First Flight
Boeing knows a thing or two about aircraft so if you’d expect anyone to be able to pull off a successful test of an autonomous flying taxi, it would be Boeing. The company has announced that its autonomous electric VTOL aircraft has successfully completed its first flight. What that means is that the aircraft was able to take off, hover, and land under its own power.

Boeing Issues Warning Over 737 Max Sensors After Recent Crash
You may have heard that a Lion Air flight crashed off the coast of Indonesia last week, killing some 189 people. Investigators have been working to ascertain the cause of the crash. The aircraft was a Boeing 737 Max, the latest iteration of one of the company’s most popular and widely used jets. Boeing today issued a safety warning to pilots that inaccurate readings from an onboard flight monitoring system […]