Boeing 787 Dreamliner Near-Vertical Takeoff Is A Treat To Watch

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner may have had its problems but the aircraft still has a great fan following, fans who would have been delighted to see it in a near vertical takeoff. Boeing has released a new promotional video which shows the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in a near vertical takeoff as well as pulling off some amazing maneuvers all in preparation for the Paris Air Show 2015. This level of agility […]

Boeing’s Patent Will Charge Drones In Mid-Air

Kind of like smartphones, drones at the moment are still relatively new which also means that battery life on these devices aren’t particularly great either. We’re sure that over time, drone makers will figure out a way to create and embed better and longer-lasting batteries, but until then, we guess you’ll just have to keep an eye out on those battery levels. That being said, wouldn’t it be awesome if […]

Software Bug Detected In Boeing 787 Could Cause Mid-Air Loss Of Control

As scary as it sounds, A bug has been detected in Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner that could cause a sudden shut down of all electrical power in the plane, resulting in pilot to lose control over it.

Boeing Has New Cabin Bins That Can Hold Even More Luggage

Traveling by air is not seen by many to be something that is luxurious in this day and age, simply because it isn’t. Having said that, while Business and First Class remains out of reach for most travelers, we are more than well versed with the economy class, or as some say, cattle class. Not only are you the last to board but also the last to leave, woe to […]


Hackers Could Commandeer Planes Using Onboard Passenger WiFi

As if it wasn’t bad enough that inflight WiFi services tend to be extremely expensive and are usually pretty slow, but now it looks like they could be potentially hacked and used to commandeer a plane in mid-flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had initially warned Boeing of the potential security risk seven years ago, and it looks like even today, this could be a problem affecting Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner […]

NASA & Boeing Looking To Test More Eco-Friendly Planes

While planes are probably the most efficient way of traveling great distances, they’re not exactly the most eco-friendly modes of transportation either. However both Boeing and NASA are hoping to change that with the testing of the Boeing ecoDemonstrator (a 757) where the plane is expected to go on a series of flights. What makes these flights so significant is that the plane will be testing out NASA’s experimental fuel-saving […]

Boeing Patents Force Field System To Protect Military Vehicles

We’re sure most of you guys have seen sci-fi movies where vehicles or even robots can deploy force fields, ultimately protecting them from damage from the likes of missiles, guns, lasers, and so on. It would be pretty awesome if we had similar technology today that can be applied to modern day vehicles or in the military, and apparently that is something Boeing is said to be working on. According […]

BlackBerry And Boeing Team Up For Self-Destructing Phone

When the name Boeing is mentioned, chances are you probably think of planes, but recently the company has decided to venture into the smartphone market with the release of the Boeing Black smartphone, a smartphone aimed at users who prioritize privacy and security above all else. These are also features which BlackBerry used to be known for back in the day, which is why the idea of both companies coming […]

Reasons Behind Boeing 787 Dreamliner Battery Problems Detailed

Boeing wasn’t quite able to chalk up the 787 Dreamliner as a win. Apart from the delivery delays that customers had to go through, not long after this aircraft took to the skies it had to be grounded because of problems with the batteries. Similar battery related incidents happened in different parts of the world, on Dreamliners owned by different airlines, which resulted in the need to redesign and recertify the […]

BAE Systems Wants To Bring First Class Creature Comforts To Economy

One of the perks of flying first class is that unlike economy class, you won’t be squashed next to other passengers. Your chairs are usually spacious enough, and you can lean all the way back without worrying that you might hit someone in the knee. There are also more creature comforts compared to economy class, but it seems like that could soon be changing. BAE Systems, a company that provides […]

Boeing 727 Transformed Into A Home

Have wings, will travel. However, what happens when that pair of wings have been grounded due to obsolescence? Bruce Campbell is one such engineer who is based outside of Portland, Oregon, having transformed a retired Boeing 727 commercial airliner into a full fledged home, complete with electricity and running water. The Boeing 727 might never be able to live out its glory days in the skies ever again, but it […]

Boeing Black Smartphone Unveiled, Not For The Average Consumer

Boeing is a company that many associate with aeroplanes, and rightfully so given that that is the company’s core competency. However Boeing has been making headlines as of late for something completely unrelated – smartphones. As you might recall earlier, a certain Boeing “Black” handset was spotted at the FCC, although at that time there was no official announcement from the company, at least until now where Boeing has officially […]

Boeing’s Android-Powered Smartphone Arrives At The FCC

They say that good things come to those who wait. I would suppose that should you happen to be an industry watcher where smartphones are concerned, you might have come across news that Boeing, the aviation giant, intends to make the jump into the world of smartphones. This is almost as “silly” as supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg teaming up with Razer to roll out a limited edition Razer Blade gaming laptop, […]

Boeing 787 Battery Issues Emerge Yet Again

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the company’s pride and joy, but this state of the art aircraft hasn’t been able to take to the skies without drama. Last year the plane was grounded globally for over four months after a series of battery related fires that warranted a redesign of the entire system. It appears that the Boeing 787 battery issues might have emerged once again. Earlier today a Japan Airlines […]