The Boeing Dreamliner is a beautiful airplane. It’s also one of the most technologically advanced airplanes in the sky right now but it has had a few problems in getting off the ground. The FAA has advised airlines every step of the way and its latest advisory offers a tried and tested solution for fixing problems with complex machines: turning it off and on again. FAA is making airlines reboot their Boeing Dreamliners every three weeks.


The Federal Aviation Administration’s advisory cautions that pilots might end up losing control of a Dreamliner if the aircraft’s power is left on for more than 21 days. “All three flight control modules on the 787 might simultaneously reset if continuously powered on for 22 days,” the advisory cautions.

Apparently, this issue exists in all 489 Dreamliner aircraft that are in operation across the globe. 99 of them are registered in the United States. The FAA is now calling on airlines to reboot the Dreamliners to ensure that this glitch doesn’t end up causing an accident.

Airlines are to reboot their Dreamliners “within 7 days” of last Friday and in “intervals not to exceed 21 days” going forward. Boeing continues to work on a permanent solution to this glitch. It may not be able to release it until the second quarter of next year.

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