Bionic Bra Adjusts Itself Automatically

When it comes to shopping for a bra, that can be a rather challenging thing, since it is a rarity to find a bra that fits you perfectly – right down to the millimeter. Having said that, we have also heard of items such as smart bras in the past, but why not come up with a bra that is functional, comfortable, and fits perfectly? This is where the Bionic […]

Close Sisters Bra Offers More Than Just Firm Support

When it come to intimate clothing, one would normally figure out that technology would not play such a huge role in it, specifically when one talks about having some circuitry embedded within. Still, we have seen some examples in the past like the adidas tennis performance bra that comes with a miCoach heart sensor, while there is also the Tweeting Bra that sends out a tweet each time it is […]

Bra-Cam Intends To Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer

Ladies, just how many times do you think your boobs get stared at each day? All right, perhaps you are not going to receive anything more than a second glance if you wear clothes that do not reveal anything at all, but if a little cleavage were to be revealed, the Bra Cam might just help you keep track. This unique camera will not discriminate against genders, as it will […]

Bra Capable Of Monitoring Stress Eating

The bra is an important piece of intimate clothing for the ladies, and to hear technology being infused into bras is certainly an exciting development. In fact, the latest iteration happens to be a bra which was specially designed so that it can monitor stress eating, helping the ladies stop from indulging in their own unhealthy eating habits. This wearable device will be able to go about its job thanks […]


True Love Tester Concept Bra Keeps Hyperventilating Males Away

We have seen some pretty interesting conceptual bras in the past, and this time around, here is yet another which might just capture your imagination – although it might not make its way to lingerie stores anytime soon. Known as the True Love Tester, this particular lingerie requires the presence of catecholamine, which is a hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands, before it can be removed. It does […]