bionic-braWhen it comes to shopping for a bra, that can be a rather challenging thing, since it is a rarity to find a bra that fits you perfectly – right down to the millimeter. Having said that, we have also heard of items such as smart bras in the past, but why not come up with a bra that is functional, comfortable, and fits perfectly? This is where the Bionic Bra steps in.

Both Professor Gordon Wallace and Professor Julie Steele are helming a team of scientists at the University of Wollongong in Australia, and the result of their work is known as the Bionic Bra. Apparently, this project has been in the making for the past one and a half decades, but thankfully, technology has finally started to catch up to their plans. This Bionic Bra is made out of intelligent components such as actuators and sensors, where it will be able to tighten or loosen automatically, depending on where and how the breast moves. Hence, if you are pounding the treadmill, this Bionic Bra will constrict, but if you’re spending an evening out with your loved one, then the fibers within will relax.

At the moment, the Bionic Bra is far from desirable as it resembles more of a bulletproof vest than anything else, and cannot be washed right now. It looks like there are still some more substantial steps to be taken before it is marketable.

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