When it come to intimate clothing, one would normally figure out that technology would not play such a huge role in it, specifically when one talks about having some circuitry embedded within. Still, we have seen some examples in the past like the adidas tennis performance bra that comes with a miCoach heart sensor, while there is also the Tweeting Bra that sends out a tweet each time it is unhooked. This unique bra from Triumph of Japan is extremely special since it changes colors whenever a “buddy” touches it. And just what would constitute a “buddy”?

Being a high-tech bra prototype, it will require two people to touch one another, so that the bra itself will change colors and patterns. Known as the Close Sisters Bras, it will sport a dark polka-dot or heart-dot pattern, at least until one of the wearers would come into contact with another person wearing the same type of bra, and magic happens as the bras will change color into a white and blue snowflake pattern.

This rather wintery theme is attributed to Disney’s hit film “Frozen,” where the movie features a pair of Disney princesses, hence the name “Close Sisters Bras”. Bumping hips with one another would result in the electronic paper that make up part of the bra to change colors.

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