Ladies, just how many times do you think your boobs get stared at each day? All right, perhaps you are not going to receive anything more than a second glance if you wear clothes that do not reveal anything at all, but if a little cleavage were to be revealed, the Bra Cam might just help you keep track. This unique camera will not discriminate against genders, as it will capture a slew of men, women and children in the act of glancing and staring a woman’s breasts while in public. – unknowingly recorded, of course .

There is a very good reason for the Bra-Cam to be in existence, and it is not because one wants to start launching lawsuits at whoever looks your way, but not to your eyes. Nestle’s Fitness cereal has worked alongside a French ad agency to deliver this Bra-Cam video, showing off just how many “visual hits” a woman’s breasts received in an ordinary day. The bra’s eye view video intends to promote Nestle’s “#checkyourselfie” breast cancer awareness campaign, and Eloise Oliver, the lady who voluntarily allowed her bra to be outfitted with the camera, shared, “It’s so important for everyone, whether you be male or female, to make sure that your breasts are checked.”

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