binge-busting-braThe bra is an important piece of intimate clothing for the ladies, and to hear technology being infused into bras is certainly an exciting development. In fact, the latest iteration happens to be a bra which was specially designed so that it can monitor stress eating, helping the ladies stop from indulging in their own unhealthy eating habits. This wearable device will be able to go about its job thanks to the ability to monitor both heart rate and respiration of the wearer. The data used to determine a state of stress eating were garnered from extensive studies, so it should be pretty accurate in nature. All measurements are acquired by sensors located within the bra, where it will remain juiced up for 4 hours at a time.

When this unique bra knows that one is involved in stress eating, it will transmit the relevant data to an iPhone app for monitoring purposes. While this is an interesting innovation to the bra, it is not the first as we have seen some pretty creative ideas previously, including a bra that can sniff out cancer cells, one that actually carries your iPhone at the side, one which integrates the adidas miCoach heart sensor, a tweeting bra that tweets the moment it is unhooked, and a True Love Tester bra which refuses to open if the wearer is not aroused by the advancing male. Hopefully this will not be the last tech-infused bra, either. Image courtesy of Britt Selvitelle.

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