Samsung has been known to manufacture a number of popular products, such as the Galaxy S4 and even its new Curved OLED TV, which the company announced would be making its way the the U.S. yesterday. It seems all of those amazing products may come at a price other than the money from your wallet as prosecutors in Brazil have filed a lawsuit against Samsung that accuses them of violating local labor rights.

According to details of the lawsuit, Samsung is being accused of having its employees in one of its factories in Brazil working extremely long hours for multiple days in a row. The lawsuit was filed once local officials discovered terrible working conditions after two separate inspections at Samsung’s factory took place in the Zona Franca de Manaus. The lawsuit details employees reportedly working on their feet for over 10 to 15 hours a day without any breaks, with some working for up to 27 days in a row.

A Samsung spokesperson said they will fully cooperate with the Brazilian authorities once they receive notification about the case by performing a full analysis of the process at which local employees work. Hopefully Samsung stays true to their promise as we enjoy our tech, but not at the cost of making the lives of its employees completely miserable.

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