Gizmodo has exclusive images of what could very well be the iPhone 4S, which frankly, remains under the “unicorn” category for many people since most of us out there would be craning our necks to see an iPhone 5 instead.

Your eyes won’t fool you as this is no illusion, and the two handsets pictured above do resemble the current iPhone 4 model rather closely, but it is interesting to note that it comes with a different model number – N90A. This number has long been bandied about amongst rumor mongers to represent the iPhone 4S. While the photos hailed from Foxconn’s new Brazilian factory, it seems that they are doomed to be rejects as they were disqualified for being unsuitable for consumer use.

I guess iPhone 4S or not, everything will come to pass this coming October 4th, which will mark yet another important date in the iPhone’s life cycle. Are you stoked up yet, and will you sacrifice your lunch hour (for those living in the East Coast) to view feeds or tweets of the announcement?

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