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Burger King's Meatless Whopper Rolling Out Nationwide
Fast food chain Burger King started selling a meatless version of its popular Whopper burger as part of a trial run earlier this month. The Impossible Whopper was available at 59 locations in the St. Louis area. Burger King has now announced that it’s now going to sell the Impossible Whopper nationwide.

Burger King Starts Selling A Whopper With Absolutely No Beef
Burger King’s Whoppers are known across the globe for their grilled beef goodness but the fast food chain has now taken a big step which essentially brings plant-based meat into the mainstream. It has started selling a new kind of Whopper which has absolutely no beef in the patty whatsoever. Yet, the chain is staking its reputation on it, saying that the taste is identical to its beef patty.

Burger King’s ‘Whopper Neutrality’ Ad Explains Net Neutrality Pretty Well
For several years, those living in the US were enjoying a period of net neutrality, where the law stated that all internet service providers (ISPs) had to keep bandwidth the same regardless of who is using it. This means that business could not pay an ISP more money for their content to load faster.

Burger King Launches Its Own Virtual Currency In Russia
Cryptocurrency a.k.a virtual currency is all the rage these days. Bitcoin, arguably the leading virtual currency, has nearly quadrupled in value in just over a year. If such speculative trades are not your cup of tea, perhaps you’d feel better acquiring “WhopperCoin,” Burger King’s very own virtual currency for customers in Russia.


McDonald's Says No To Burger King's McWhopper Peace Offer
Burger King used social media to call for a one-day truce with McDonald’s yesterday, it published an open letter to Ronald McDonald’s outfit suggesting that the two companies put all rivalries aside from one day to encourage world peace. BK suggested that they create the McWhopper that combines “all the tastiest bits of your Big Mac and our Whopper” in one delectable “peace-loving” burger. McDonald’s has responded: it’s not interested.

Burger King: Would You Want A Smartphone On The Side?
When you go to a place called Burger King, what would you expect? Why, a joint that sells burgers, of course – no less, although something more would definitely be welcome. It seems that Burger King will now offer more than just the Whopper, as they will have smartphones on the side. Wireless Advocates, a company that works alongside retail partners so that they can offer free smartphones as a […]

Burger King India Lets You Order Burgers Via eBay
Services such as eBay can be used to find and buy all sorts of things online. You can find second hand gadgets, clothes, jewelry, car parts, and so on, but would you use eBay to buy a burger? Yes, you read that right, because it seems that over in India, Burger King is looking to start selling their burgers online.While ordering food online is nothing new, ordering via an auction […]

PayPal To Be Integrated Into Burger King Apps
It looks like even the world of fast food has caught up with the mobile payment train, where PayPal recently announced on how it will be integrated alongside apps from Burger King. This initiative would then enable customers to make meal purchases directly from the fast food chain through the payments service itself.