For several years, those living in the US were enjoying a period of net neutrality, where the law stated that all internet service providers (ISPs) had to keep bandwidth the same regardless of who is using it. This means that business could not pay an ISP more money for their content to load faster.

It also prevented ISPs from potentially creating situations where customers had to pay more in order to access certain things on the internet. That being said, many of you guys might have heard by now that the rules of net neutrality have been repealed and we’re sure that some out there are confused. However fast food chain Burger King is here to save the day with an explanation of net neutrality using the company’s famed Whopper burger.

In an ad that has been posted online dubbed “Whopper Neutrality”, Burger King attempts to explain to customers what net neutrality is about. Basically in the video, the company plays out a scenario where customers who do not pay a premium will get their bugers slower compared to those who were willing to pay more, which is essentially the kind of situation that customers could face now that net neutrality has been repealed.

Of course some companies have come forward claiming that they will not be changing their practices, but whether others will follow suit remains to be seen. However the good news is that at least two states in the US have enacted their own net neutrality laws, such as Montana (who was the first) and New York.

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