Cryptocurrency a.k.a virtual currency is all the rage these days. Bitcoin, arguably the leading virtual currency, has nearly quadrupled in value in just over a year. If such speculative trades are not your cup of tea, perhaps you’d feel better acquiring “WhopperCoin,” Burger King’s very own virtual currency for customers in Russia.

Burger King’s cryptocurrency is called WhopperCoin and it has only been launched in Russia so far. Customers receive WhopperCoin tokens via a digital wallet whenever they purchase the chain’s signature Whopper burger.

All WhopperCoin transactions are powered by Waves’ distributed ledger network. This blockchain platform enables users to issue and transfer custom blockchain tokens which can then be traded on an integrated peer-to-peer exchange.

So the way this will work is that customers will receive token as a reward for purchasing a Whopper burger. They will eventually have enough tokens to use them to purchase another burger.

“Now Whopper is not only burger that people in 90 different countries love – it’s an investment tool as well,” said Ivan Shestov, head of external communications at Burger King Russia.

Burger King is going to release an app for the digital tokens for iOS and Android next month. It remains to be seen if it’s going to launch a similar initiative in any of the other global markets that it services.

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