burger king ebayServices such as eBay can be used to find and buy all sorts of things online. You can find second hand gadgets, clothes, jewelry, car parts, and so on, but would you use eBay to buy a burger? Yes, you read that right, because it seems that over in India, Burger King is looking to start selling their burgers online.

While ordering food online is nothing new, ordering via an auction website such as eBay is a pretty interesting way of getting your hands on fast food. Burger King is expected to launch in India this month where they will be offering chicken, mutton, and vegetarian offerings in place of its regular beef burgers.

Now the burgers you’re buying aren’t actual burgers and they won’t be delivered to you. Instead what will be delivered to you will be a voucher that they can use to redeem a burger at Burger King’s outlet which will open in New Delhi’s Select City Walk Mall which will be opening this Sunday.

Essentially what you’re doing is you’re pre-ordering a burger. We’re not sure how this is more efficient compared to walking into the shop directly but presumably this is some kind of marketing tactic which is no doubt gaining some attention, but what do you guys think of this? A novel concept, undoubtedly, but will it help generate sales?

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