Nice to know that Yahoo! has already sorted out whatever issues it ran into with their online services yesterday, and here we are with word that Yahoo! Calendar has been updated for the masses in order to make it easier to use, not to mention offering a more seamless experience as part of the Yahoo! Mail universe. For starters, Yahoo! Calendar now appears as a tab in Yahoo! Mail, where it remains as a permanent tab instead of having you click the Calendar link under the “Applications” section in the left panel as you did before. Basically, each time you login to your Yahoo! Mail account, your eyes will be able to check out a ‘Calendar’ tab that is located right next to the ‘Contacts’ tab.

It is also a whole lot easier to send RSVP responses for Calendar invites from Yahoo! Mail itself, in addition to checking out the day’s events and appointments at a glance thanks to the ‘Check Availability’ button. All of these are certainly a step in the right direction, but other online mail services that also jive with a calendar in its ecosystem have been working great all this while. This revamping exercise should appeal to Yahoo! diehards, but will it be enough to win over new converts? Only time will tell.

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