According to the results of surveys done by analysts, nearly one in four enterprises already use tablets and by 2013, so will the majority of businesses. Seeing how popular tablets have become; CounterPath has decided to take advantage of the growing market and released a tablet version of its softphone app, Bria (already available for Android devices and the iPhone). The app makes use of the phone’s data connection to place calls – allowing all sorts of devices to make calls without having a phone plan.

Calls on Bria can be made for over a WiFi or 3G/4G connection, turning the iPad into an all-in-one device: a laptop, mobile phone and deskphone. This eliminates the necessity to have a desk cluttered so many different devices at work (provided you have a stable and strong WiFi signal to keep you connected on your tablet).

But unlike other calling apps available on the market, Bria does not have its own VoIP service – you’ll be able to connect to any VoIP service provider just by configuring the app with the right settings. Bria iPad Edition has support for multiple VoIP accounts and SIP protocols, so you won’t have problems working with multiple services and accounts. Bria also supports Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you a greater amount of freedom while talking using a wireless headset. Bria for the iPad is available now on the Apple App Store for $14.99. Find out more about Bria.

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