T-Mobile BobsledRemember the T-Mobile Bobsled service we announced a week ago for making calls to Facebook users? Well it looks like it was launched prematurely. If you try to make a call with the app now, it won’t work. According to their Facebook page, T-Mobile has temporarily suspended the Bobsled service. Here’s what the announcement says:

We are voluntarily and temporarily suspending the Bobsled service as we work with our partners at Facebook to address their design questions, including working to ensure that the Bobsled experience is clearly differentiated and is not mistaken for a Facebook created property. We apologize to oru customers for this temporary disruption in service.

I never got a chance to test the service out while it was still available, so I can’t say I know what’s going on – but did anybody out there give Bobsled a try last week? Did it look like it was something Facebook would object to? No word on when the service will be up again, but stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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